Very attractive game at Mestalla to face off two teams that like to play offensively but have very different needs. Valencia is looking to qualify for Champions League while Celta is fighting to get away from the relegation area.

Valencia´s right-winger Wass had the first chance with a great dribble by Ferrán Torres who assisted the Danish player to shoot from the penalty spot,  but Celta´s keeper Rubén Blanco did a good save.

As usual, Celta´s whole offensive production came through their number 10 Iago Aspas, who looked to receive outside the box to open up space for the two wingers, Kevin Vázquez and Lucas Olaza that Celta´s coach Óscar García lined up to add strength both backwards and forward.

However, Valencia were able to find passing positions through the new branding sign Florenzi, an Italian right back who was very active from that side, and almost opened the scoreboard through a good shot inside the box that Rubén Blanco deflected to the corner. Gayá also had a good performance from the left side.

Celta´s clearest chance before halftime came from an opening pass by Fran Beltrán that Kevin Vázquez passed back to him right in front of Valencia´s keeper Jaume Doménech, but Celta´s midfielder slipped and couldn´t finish properly.

Valencia´s forward Rodrigo check-in put Celta´s defense in trouble and ended up creating the winning goal, but right before that Aspas almost scored from a free kick that Valencia´s captain Dani Parejo saved with a header from the line.

The goal took place through a cross by Ferrán Torres from the left that was headed by Rodrigo to the second post where Carlos Soler scored accurately and put Valencia back into Champions League positions. On the opposite side Celta, despite their outstanding ball movement, will stay in relegation for at least one more week.


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