Direct match in the race to reach the Champions League spots for the next Season. The Wanda Metropolitano Stadium hosted two teams that are going through too irregular runs in the most important moment of the season, as both squads are about to play two crucial games on the European competition. This way, Simeone´s team, which will travel to Anfield next Wednesday, put defender Mario Hermoso in the left back as Brazilian Lodi had physical problems to play today, and the Portuguese Joao Félix on top along with Morata. On the other side, Sevilla´s coach Lopetegui lined up Gudelj in the midfield right in front of the defense line in order to hold Atlético´s approaches, and Lukk de Jong forward with Suso and Ocampos on the wings.

Atlético started the game better and had their first chance through a pass by Joao Félix that left Morata right in front of Sevilla´s keeper Vaclík, but central defender Diego Carlos blocked the shot from Atlético´s number 9. On the other part of the field, Sevilla created their first opportunity through a good combination by Reguilón and Banega from the left side that ended on an excellent pass to Ocampos, but he was unable to finish.

However, Sevilla improved on their game as the minutes passed by, and they scored the first goal in the 19th minute. Right back Navas drove the ball on the right wing and connected with midfielder Jordán on a first touch pass that was sent to striker de Jong, who took a great touch to overcome Atlético´s defender Savic to put Sevilla ahead.

But Atlético did not sink and pulled off the comeback in just four minutes. First they found the equalizer through a penalty kick checked by the VAR that the referee conceded as he interpreted a handball on Sevilla´s central defender Diego Carlos. Morata took it to put the 1-1. And the draw boosted Atlético, which scored the second one right away thanks to Koke, who stole the ball in the middle and assisted Joao Félix to find the net for Atlético as Sevilla´s defender Koundé deflected it into the goal.

Either Sevilla fell back, as they put the equalizer back in the scoreboard thanks to another penalty kick conceded from the VAR after Trippier tripped Ocampos inside the box. The Argentinian took advantage of it and scored the 2-2 right before the break as the first half increased considerable the intensity due to the continuous questionable calls from the referee on both sides that turned the game into a very unpredictable one.

And as the rhythm was too high in the first half, the second one started out smoother. However Atlético, who needed the win more as they were playing at home and are two points behind Sevilla on the table, took the lead with the ball as they tried to create danger forward through runs on the wings that ended on constant crosses to the box, but Sevilla put up with it to secure their valuable point. With this scenario, Atlético increased the pressure on the opponent´s side in order to force Sevilla to make mistakes with the ball in their feet, and Carrasco had a couple clear chances thanks to this, but he did not make the most out of any of them.

Costa´s check-in was not enough either to get the winning goal, as Sevilla´s defense kept the draw to take a precious point on the road and stay ahead of Atlético on the table in the race for the Champions League spots.


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