From having to top off the call-ups with players from the academy, to having a top bench. Cádiz have radically changed the way they used to approach games and that is thanks to the signings from the winter transfer market.

We must only think back on that game at El Sadar Stadium in the third fixture of the season where Cádiz approached the match full of players out of their positions in their starting XI. Fali played as a defensive midfielder, Mamady Diarra was the one to stand out the most, Awer Mabil was a starter… And all of that added to the fact that there were no other options on the bench.

Now the script has changed. With seven new additions, Sergio González’s squad have a new face. A turning point was the game at the Sánchez-Pìzjuán Stadium, as it made the board of directors to step up and strengthen all the positions in the roster. Players such as Roger Martí, Gonzalo Escalante or Sergi Guardiola joined in by the end of the winter transfer market along with Chris Ramos and Jorge Meré.

And all those additions not only increased the competitive capacity of the quad, but also provided it with more options in a team that lacked of alternatives in all their games.

To go from being the team that all the other fans set as the main candidate to go down since day one, to be considered as one of the teams that has strengthened itself the best in this winter transfer market and become a respectable opponent.

Now finally the team is able to perform its best. Gonzalo Escalante has already scored two goals in three games, Roger changes the energy with his first touches and fight, and Sergio Guardiola has met again with the goal away from Pucela.

But not only bringing quality signings is important, but also having different options on the bench is key. Cádiz have gone from having low profile players expected to leave in the short term be their substitutions in the second half, to get all starters.

Last Friday against Girona, Cádiz were able to afford to put great players such as Fede San Emeterio, Rubén Sobrino, Choco Lozano, Álex Fernández or Chris Ramos from the 60th minute on. That certainly says a lot on how much the quality on the roster has increased, as a key player such as Álex Fernández does not get on the field until the 86th minute.

We are lucky to finally see a team with the right tools to compete against others that have wealthy investment groups behind them. However, and despite the good feelings and the new additions, the path to relegation will still be a tough one and so each game will be a final.

The search of calm at Cádiz is something that the fans are not counting on, as they seem condemned to suffer until the end. Let’s keep our feet on the ground, but the movie has changed.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: @Cadiz_CF.

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