There is also more to request during transfer markets. To build a roster is not easy at all and even less when the roadmaps can lead to unwanted changes. To figure out which signings can be made and which exits should take place is also a matter of discussion and problems, but that should not be excuses.

For that reason, when things are not done the right way in summer, they need to be fixed in January, even though there is less time available. To solve problems in the last minute is the usual at Cádiz CF, but luckily for them, it usually works out.

It is true that the summer transfer market was very poor, as Brian Ocampo was the only decent addition, but now the winter one has been a blessing. Both promising and experienced players have joined in and Cádiz have worked their best to get the best possible product.

A winter transfer market with seven new faces that make up a roster that has no more excuses to avoid relegation. However, anything can happen in football and Cádiz will more than likely suffer until the end. Yes indeed, Sergio González’s squad can afford to dream of in a stay that is currently to packed up with many teams involved in the low part of the table.

If we take a look at the new signings, we can see the mixture of youth with experience with the cases of Gonzalo Escalante and Chris Ramos. Striker Roger Martí is not going through his best momentum, but that can be mostly due to Elche’s terrible season.

And we can also point out Jorge Mére, a central defender with a very promising future, but who has tripped with the difficulties that football puts to those young players that start to stand out. Pressure, lack of opportunities or other thousand of variables that scape our control. Now he has the chance to make up the doubts from his past and prove the outstanding role that he showed at the European U-21 with the Spanish National Team.

Sergi Guardiola is also an unknown. The player for Real Valladolid has never performed his best with his club, but he has outside. His loan to Rayo Vallecano was very useful to earn confidence with the ten goals he scored. However, back to Valladolid, he has not worked out either and so now he has a golden opportunity to add that goal that Cádiz struggle with that much. There are no more excuses.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: @Cadiz_CF.

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