Real Sociedad are once again the most attractive team in LaLiga to watch, even though they are not a surprise anymore. For the last few seasons, they have become one of the best teams in Spain thanks to an outstanding and productive playing style and an exemplary sporting and institutional management.

Real Sociedad are going through their golden times since the arrival of President Jokin Aperribay, who grabbed a team in the second division and in bankrupt and took it all the way up to establish it in European championships, lifted a Spanish Cup and showed off top quality in their squads through both local talent from their ‘Zubieta Academy’ and a bet of Real quality signings wise under coach Imanol Alguacil.

All of this added to the rebuild of their new ‘Reale Arena Stadium’, which has been turned into a very electric stadium after the removal of the annoying running tracks nd that every week gives us the chance to witness their own scoring celebration when the entire squad turns around the field after every goal.

Real Sociedad are talent, work and consistency. A successful and progressive plan that keeps overcoming challenges and that will delight with their football once again in the Champions League next season.

Real Sociedad, the rebellion of the left footers:

If something special calls the attention from Real Sociedad, and might be one of the main reasons for their success on the field, that is the high quantity of left footers that they have in their squad. Yes indeed, that kind of top class player who generally proves to have a technical ability above the average and bigger unpredictability and determination capacity.

A current average starting XI for Real Sociedad would include names such as Diego Rico, Aihen Muñoz, Brais Méndez, David Silva, Mikel Merino, Takefusa Kubo or Alexander Sørloth, who all dominate the left foot, without forgetting other key players like Mikel Oyarzabal (who just returned from an injury) or members from the second unit like Carlos Fernández, Momo Cho, or Jon Pacheco. That is to say that approximately half of the available players to make a squad list for any game are left footers, synonym of top quality football.

The magic diamond of Real Sociedad:

The difference maker are the left footers, but the foundation of Real Sociedad is in their magic diamond in the midfield, mostly formed by Martín Zubimendi in the base, Brais Méndez and Mikel Merino in the sides, and David Silva as the ‘playmaker’, if they are all healthy.

A unique midfield where the best football in LaLiga takes placeas they are capable of running the pace of the games and combine constantly in order to break down their opponent’s defensive approaches.

Real Sociedad, talent and resilience:

Real Sociedad are one of the most talented teams in the league, but this year we have also witnessed a constant capacity of resistance from them with all the injuries coming up within their squad, some of them long-term ones, which have forced coach Imanol Alguacil to rebuild his starting XI constantly, but always under the confidence that he can count on qualified replacements that have prevented the outcomes from turning bad.

To the long term injuries from Mikel Oyarzabal, who has just come back, and star signing from the summer transfer market Umar Sadiq, who was barely able to play a game and will miss the entire season, we must also add the frequent absences up to this point of players such as Momo Cho, Ander Guevara, Andoni Gorosabel, Mikel Merino, Jon Pacheco, David Silva, Ander Barrenetxea and Aritz Elustondo.

However, and despite all the obstacles that Real Sociedad have faced throughout the current campaign, they have finished the season among the Champions League spots by playing in an outstanding level.

We talked about this with Borja Aranda in an interview he conceded to us. It is not the first time that Real Sociedad complete a great first part of the season and then they end up falling, but this time they have been able to keep that Champions League spot.

Now we will be able to see how far the most attractive team in the league can get and how much they can resist with the start of the second part of the season.

Main image: Edit José Manuel Calviño.

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