The request to be traded from Kyrie Irving blew up the end of a very intense transfer market in the NBA. Dallas Mavericks sent Finney-SmithDinwiddie nd several draft picks to Brooklyn. Mark Cuban got this way a second star for Luka Doncic.

Irving chased a four-years contract and Brooklyn seemed to be reticent to that. Nets were one of the main candidates for the ring this year and Kyrie was being a key player for that through his great performing. However, between the contract extension or the championship, Irving chooses the money. That is something totally legit, but also an aspect to keep in mind towards possible upcoming scenarios.

Kyrie is someone who always seems to be surrounded by controversy. And if not, he looks for it. Despite that, we can’t deny his natural talent for basketball and beyond hid age and performing, we caan assure that he is the best player that Doncic has had by his side so far. However, that does not mean wins. Just ask Kevin Durant.

The fit-in with Luka is something that I am not worried about. The keys of the Maverciks are his and I think that Kyrie has given up the idea of leading a franchise as the main character. That role did not work out in Boston. Offensively, Irving provides with multiple alternatives to a team that relies too much on the three point shooting accuracy or Doncic to come up with something. This season he averages 27 points, 5 rebounds nd 5.4 assists.

In theory, the competitive expectations for the Dallas Mavericks has increased with this trade, even though it is impossible to know if Irving will press the red button once again, or when he will do that. Maybe in a couple months he might come back with one of his multiple conspiracy theories and steps out of the court for a while. Maybe he might decided to attempt against some social group, again. Maybe he fits in perfectly with Doncic and so they win rings together. Maybe once they sign him the four.years contract extension for the money he is asking for, he might take the end of his career easy.

To try to guess what goes through his mind is impossible. I quit that a long time ago. At least he makes the transfer market to be fun. Only time will dictate if the doubts with Kyrie Irving will fade away or increase.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: @dallasmavs.

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