The purchase of Newcastle United by Mohammed Bin Salmán last December is already paying off. The new owner of the ‘Magpies’ is also the inheritor prince of Saudi Arabia, which is why there is no need to say that he is a multimillionaire. As a result, the club has become the most powerful one worldwide financially since his arrival.

The team already showed achievements last season on the field, as they signed several players in the winter transfer market that really increased the level of the roster up to that point, which ended up allowing them to change the course of a limit situation.

In fact, they were bottom of the table and many points away from escaping relegation, and then finished 11th 13 points above relegation and earning 38 points in just the second part of the season (12 wins, two draws and five defeats).

But apart from the fact that Newcastle United now have all the money they can ask for, they certainly have the strength of not just spending money with no sense, as they have prioritized making a balanced and compact roster formed by a group of players that have a similar level instead of just signing lots of stars as if it was a video game.

Maybe for this reason the ‘Magpies’ are right now in the Champions League spots. If we analyze the roster player by player, you can realize that they do not really have better individualities than Brighton, Everton or Aston Villa, but they are one of the most powerful teams in the Premier League as a block.

In fact, they are one of the most difficult teams to be beaten in Europe, as they are the only ones in the Premier League (along with Arsenal and Manchester City) to only have been defeated once up to this point. Furthermore, that defeat was at Anfield against Liverpool and thanks to a last-minute goal by Fábio Carvalho.

It is true that there are plenty of games left for this season, but Newcastle United are proving that they are a team designed to compete against anyone, no matter who they face off.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: @NUFC.

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