I find the simple fact of writing about how good Messi ridiculous. However, it might be necessary to remind it after seeing the reaction from some people to his last Champions League performance.

PSG have needed a year to realize about it, but they have finally found out that everything is easier when the ball is one Messi’s feet. He has scored 11 goals and given 12 assists so far this season between all competitions with his club.

It is clear that the World Cup being right around the corner has influenced the great shape from Messi, but beyond that he also seems to have settled down in Paris after the worst season of his entire career. I read journalist Alfredo Martínez (Onda Cero) that the surprising aspect of Messi is that he still surprises us. He is totally right.

Messi creates and the rest finish it:

His role at finishing is not too relevant at PSG, as he plays by top strikers such as Mbappé or Neymar. As a result, Messi really stand out at going down to the midfield in order to receive the ball and start the build of the play from backwards.

The superiority that he creates in the midfield is key and other players like Verratti or Fabián really benefit from that. If the opponent’s defenses decided to step up, Mbappé makes runs towards the space and generates danger. On the contrary, if they decided to fall back, the quality and the individual talent of the roster end up making an impact.

His role as a game creator makes the Argentinian National Team to be one of the main candidates to win the World Cup. Years pass by and physical resent, but not the game vision. We might be more than likely ahead of his last chance to lift a World Cup.

He already got rid of the pressure after winning a title with Argentina and Messi is now at a great momentum. Argentinians certainly want more. Last chance.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: @PSG_espanol.

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