Ja Morant was right when at the end of Game 2 versus the Golden State Warriors and after putting the 1-1 draw in the series, had this to say to Curry: “You and I are going to have fun”. These series from the Western Conference is having plenty of changes in the script, with referee controversy, injuries, unexpected main characters and even disappointments. Unpredictable series between Warriors and Grizzlies.

The Warriors couldn’t have started in a better way, as they won Game 1 on the road and so they obtained a home court advantage (117-116). However, Memphis were close, as they kept it tight up throughout the entire game and managed to have a last winning play in Morant’s hands. It was very close to go in.

Memphis wanted to make it clear in Game 2 why they have been one of the best teams of the league in the regular season. The team from the Bay Area had a bad day on triples (7/38) and the sending off of Draymond Green for a second kind of flagrant foul gave the win to the Girzzlies. Heroic performance by Ja Morant with 47 points, 8 rebounds, 8 assists and 5 triples.

Now it was time to travel to San Francisco for the next games and the Warriors proved why they are the favorites to win these series. Even though they are not showing their highest level, this team is about keeping themselves in the game and putting it away through some momentums. When you realize about it they are just too far away in the scoreboard. Crushing victory in Game 3 (112-142).

Memphis, better without Morant:

Ja Morant got injured in Game 3 and he might miss the rest of the Playoffs. However, the winning percentage in the regular season from the Memphis Girzzlies was higher when their star was unable to play. They were close to get the win in Game 4, but Curry showed up at the end with the free throws to put the 3-1 in these unpredictable series between Warriors and Grizzlies.

When it all seemed to go to the Golden State Warriors, Game 5 comes up and it makes you to question everything you thought. Jaren Jackson Jr. and Desmond Bane took a step forward to get the win 95-134 and force Game 6. Beyond the defeat, the image from the Warriors shows a half pace team and the end of the game was a mixture of comedy and surrealism, as the Memphis fans were all making fun of their rivals while Draymond Green was dancing.

Stephen Curry has not overcome the 50% of accuracy from the three point line in any game of the series and players such as Klay Thompson or Andrew Wiggins show up once in a while. Sometimes it is enough with these flashes of quality, but others not. If they manage to close it up in the next game in San Francisco, the Mavericks or the Suns will be waiting for them. Maybe it will not be enough to face those teams at half pace. Maybe Memphis have not said their last word and give the surprise. It is impossible to predict it.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: Twitter @memgrizz.

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