The Memphis Grizzlies’ performance during the present NBA season has confirmed that they possess a well-constructed and young roster with great potential. Currently, they have the second best record in the west, are already qualified for the playoffs and have a good shot at obtaining a good result this postseason if everything goes as planned.

The great play of pieces like Jaren Jackson Jr, Desmond Bane, Santi Aldama and Dillon Brooks as complements for Ja Morant has resulted in an extremely effective formula for one of the youngest teams in the league who, with an average age just over 24 seem to just be getting started.

After falling to the eventual champions, the Golden State Warriors, in last year’s conference finals, the Grizzlies are looking to take a step forwards towards becoming serious title contenders. Despite that, not everything has been so great in Tennessee.

Their good results on the court clearly differ form all of the incidents they have gone through off of it. From firearms to not being able to back up their trash talking, the team coached by Taylor Jenkins has managed to become the most hated in the league.

Ja Morant, leader of the litter:

Related to basketball, a lot of great things can be said about Ja Morant. Former Murray State star is averaging 27 points and over 8 assists in just his fourth season in the NBA, is leading his team to a top spot in the west standings and has made his second appearance in the All-Star before turning 24.

The guard is already considered a superstar and will become one of the faces of the league if he chooses to do so. Such a take can stand out at first sight, but anyone who has followed him for the past few months knows where the shots are going.

Grizzlies’ number twelve has been involved in a spiral of negativity that looks straight out of GTA V, pretty much the life of a gangster. He has been accused of hurting a minor, has spent ridiculous sums of money in strip-clubs and, what’s worse, has been involved in many scandals related to guns.

Contrary to popular belief, this kind of behavior has nothing to do with the player’s education since he was educated in a private school away form the streets. If he is getting into trouble, it is his own fault. It legitimately looks like the rising star is looking to waste his chance to become one of the best in the world.

For the time being, he has received multiple reprimands form the public eye and has missed many games as a result of penalties imposed by the league. Without any doubts, he has hurt his team in the athletics department more so than the view of the team the public has. The main cause to their image being hurt has been someone else.

Dillon Brooks and a made-up dynasty in Memphis:

To talk about a dynasty you need to have won prior to speaking, believing you will do it is not enough. Someone should have said that to Dillon Brooks before he claimed the Grizzlies were one in may of last year.

Such arrogance among other incidents have led to massive talk surrounding the Canadian for the past few months, but it rarely has been for a positive reason. Even if it is true that Memphis’ fourth best player is providing over 14 points a night, he is also leads the league in technical fouls (18), speaks way too much in press conferences and has been the protagonist of some dirty defensive plays.

Brooks has become a not very respected or loved player to the fans and to his opponents. His beef with Draymond Green and Donovan Mitchell reassures that he enjoys confrontation. To an extent, his bad habits have directly influenced his team, who have started a so-called “rivalry” with the Warriors that has not benefited them at all.

Reality is that most other teams want a piece of Memphis, a dangerous sight knowing how cocky and unfazed the Grizzlies look. It is up to them to control their temper and be successful for the coming years.

Main image: @memgrizz.

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