Despite not being the best possible season at the Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry is showing an astonishing level that can be compared to his best years in San Francisco. He has been named as the NBA Player of the Month Award for April in the Western Conference, a well-deserved recognition. On the other hand, Julius Randle has been the winner in the Eastern Conference.

Beating records:

This last month of April has been historical for Stephen Curry. The All-Star Three-Point Contest winner has averaged 37.7 points per game with a 52.7% field goal accuracy and a 47.6% from outside the arch. And here is the fact: Stephen Curry has scored 96 triples in April, a historical record in the NBA. This way, he overcomes James Harden, who scored 82 in November 2019. Stephen curry comes from a different planet, as he has also beaten his own record on the less games needed in a single season to reach the 300 triples, with just 58.

Furthermore, Stephen has passed Kobe Bryant at scoring more than 30 points in 10 consecutive games being older than 33. And as if that was not enough for him, this month he has also overcome legendary Michael Jordan on reaching five games scoring 40 points at his age.

Warriors climb up with Stephen Curry:

It is true that the franchise from California are not having their best season. They are currently 8th in the Western Conference with 34 wins and 33 defeats. This way, it seems that they will take part in the play-in and then in the Playoffs. Other teams like Lillard´s Trail Blazers or Doncic´s Mavericks. On the other side, Memphis and San Antonio will also battle for a spot in the series.

Stephen Curry got injured this season and missed several games that reflected the Golden State Warriors´ struggles. Injuries are a calvary in San Francisco. Last year they couldn´t count on the ‘Splash Brothers’, but Klay Thompson has not played a single minute in this campaign due to an achilles tendon rupture in summer.

Warriors are not the team they used to when they won the rings, and we can expect that they get back to that level in the short term. However, if injuries stop, they can keep being one of the best franchises in the league. We just have to see the way they have reaffirmed themselves this last month of April thanks to Stephen Curry.

What are your expectations on the Golden State Warriors for the remainder of the season? Will they make it to the Playoffs? Can Curry battle for the MVP?

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

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