France knock out in the EURO has surprised everyone. Everybody expected way more from the French National Team in this tournament, which has meet again with Waterloo just like Napoleón.

France started the EURO as one of the main candidates to lift the trophy along with Portugal or Germany, as they were all together in the same group stage, known as ‘the death group’, now known as ‘the dead group’. The course that the competition has taken has left out multiple serious candidates for the win. France had the same roster of the tournament from the individualities point of view: Benzema, Griezmann, Mbappé, Kanté, Pogba… They all seemed unbeatable together, but nothing far from reality.

Deschamps, a very stubborn coach, has persisted on putting together Griezmann and Benzema in the attacking line. Both players get in the way of each other on the field and, as a result, the team was unable to get the most out of them offensively. Apart from this, Kylian Mbappé´s poor performance in this EURO deserves a specific mention, as he has been more on the news for the rumors on his possible sign for Real Madrid than for his action on the field.

But not everything has been negative, as Paul Pogba has stood out. The midfielder for Manchester United has completed a great performance in this EURO, creating danger constantly and scoring one of the best goals of the tournament in the game against Switzerland. We must also point out Kanté´s addition, an incredible job in the middle that should not go unnoticed.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

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