Atlético de Madrid have their last chance to join the race for la liga at tonight’s derby against Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium. They have made it to this game after pulling off an epic win in the versus Porto FC and in the need of changing the course in the regular competition where they have actually been too irregular.

Cholo Simeone’s team have a lot of absences in defense and the feeling that a defeat tonight would give the 35th title to Real Madrid, as they have been unbeatable in the last two months thanks to the outstanding performances by Courtois and Vinicius.

The ‘Rojiblancos’ are going through a negative streak both in the scores and their game, and their saved ‘match ball’ in the Champions League should not hide their real issues. The team is showing too much fragility defensively, specially in set pieces, and they really struggle to create scoring chances against well fallen back squads.

However, Simeone’s Atlético grow in the adversity and always compete every game. They have a golden opportunity tonight, and their last one, to silence the critics from part of the crowd who demand better performances from a very talented roster that is not showing their full potential in many occasions.

Cholo has the need to win and a turning point ahead of him in the exact scenario where he started his dreamed era after the magic victory in May 2013. This way, he entrusts to his guardian Oblak; to the tireless Llorente; to the captain Koke; to the soldier De Paul; to the prince Griezmann; and to the revelation of Cunha.

Also to the ‘gunman’ to shoot in a stadium where he has not played for the last three years and that, just as in the big scenarios, requires of a ‘Suárez’s zone’ that can be crucial to uneven the game.

Atlético de Madrid want to battle this league and their last train passes by the Bernabéu tonight.

Main image: José Manuel Calviño.

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