Cholo Simeone doesn’t count on João Félix, it is a reality, and the situation of the Portuguese is reaching a point of untenability for both parties. The João Félix-Simeone soap opera continues to add chapters, and the relationship between them seems to be broken. This could be seen during the first training session of the red and white team in pre-season, when the coach left João Félix out of the first friendly match, warming up with the youth players and Lodi, who is not in his plans either.

According to Marca, Cholo gave João a few minutes in what was just another exercise, but he made it clear that he is not one of his main players in the squad, putting players like Lino or Giuliano before him. Moreover, on the other hand, the club back its coach in every decision, and the young striker is currently without a shirt after Griezmann took the ‘7’.

The position of the promising young Portuguese striker is very complicated. Chelsea‘s new manager, Pochettino, has already dismissed the option of bringing him in, despite the club’s intention to the contrary. Therefore, João Félix is still waiting for a club to take notice of him and negotiate with Atlético de Madrid. The question is: who wants João Félix?

Few clubs have enquired about him so far, but rumour has it that Luis Enrique and PSG could make a bid for him if Kylian Mbappé leaves. The problem is that the Portuguese is not cheap and to this day, he hasn’t taken that step forward that was expected of him and for which the red and white club shelled out €126 million.

His arrival at Chelsea was a glimmer of hope for those who believed in João as one of the players destined to dominate this footballing era. It seemed the ideal destination for a player who didn’t fit in with his manager’s game style at the Metropolitano, and who was arriving in London to lead a multi-million euro project with a game that would revolve around him.

However, João Félix, who scored just four goals in 20 games (the same number of goals and fewer assists than in half a season with Atlético), has spent a miserable time in the English capital. And his hopes were dimmed, as were those of the rest of the squad, with a project that eventually foundered and ended with João also on the bench: out of all competitions and 12th in the Premier League.

With more than a month and a half left in the market, the sad reality for João Félix is that Atleti prefer his departure and that some club will come up with a sum of money that at least comes close to the more than 100 million that was paid for him.

What is contradictory is that the Portuguese hasn’t shown the level or the potential that was predicted for any club to take the risk and pay that amount. Therefore, the best solution for both parties could be another loan that revalues the player.

João Félix is 23 years old and has a long career ahead of him to shut the mouths of those who have killed him before his time. He has shown the mentality and personality on certain occasions to do so. The first step is to work and improve this pre-season. The second step is to find someone to bet on him.

Translated by Marcos Rodríguez.

Main image: @Atleti.

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