Real Madrid have put an end to the 2022/2023 campaign. In this article, we present our grades for Real Madrid’s season in a year with few lights and many shadows.

Carlo Ancelotti’s squad has lifted three titles (Spanish Cup, Spanish Super Cup and Clubs World Cup), but their lack of consistency in LaLiga, added to their tragedy against Manchester City in the Champions League, has put the spotlights on several kid players of the roster.

These are the grades for Real Madrid’s season:


Vinícius Jr (9): Despite the issues he is suffering off the field, Vini has always showed up at key moments, specially in the Champions League. He has signed both his highest scoring (23) and assisting (19) season since he made his debut at Real Madrid, proving his capacity to be an offensive system himself.

Courtois (9): The Belgian keeper has showed a few lower level compared to the extraordinary season he had last year, but even so he has once again saved his team multiple times. Difference maker and savior.


Camavinga (8,75): Eduardo has been an option for both the left back and the midfielder position in several stages of the season. He is currently a solid starter. No doubt that he has been the most outstanding progression of the year.

Militão (8,75): The Brazilian defender has been considered as the best defender in the world for the most part of the season. However, his poor performances in the last stage of the campaign, with Rüdiger taking over, has prevented him from an A grade.

Rodrygo (8,75): He struggled to earn a spot in the starting line-up, but he has been the best player of the squad in the last few months. He still keeps adapting himself to different offensive positions and has worked out greatly both as a fake ‘9’ and as a playmaker ’10’. Game plunger.

Kroos (8): From less to more. He has struggled a little bit, but he has ended up getting used to play as a pure midfielder. He is the best player at starting the action from backwards when opponents approach with a high pressing system. He has really improved defensively as well and that has certainly given him a key role in the squad. He is expected to extend his contract for one more year.

Nacho (7,5): He has been the second best defender of the squad for most part of the year. Just as hard worker and polyvalent as usual. His renewal is still an unknown.

Modrić (7,5): The Croatian has finished worn out due to his high participation at the World Cup. His best games have been when he has played above the pure midfielder and so more free to create and less defensive responsibilities. He is also expected to stay for one more year.

Benzema (7): He has been one of the most questioned players from the squad. His constant injuries and the fact that he has not shown up when his team needed him the most. Despite all of this, the Frenchman has scored 30 goals and given 6 assists in his last season at Real Madrid.

Valverde (7): From more to less. He started off on great shape, but he has decreased his level as months have passed by. However, despite his drop, he keeps being a solid choice for Ancelotti. 12 goals and 7 assists could give him a higher grade, but he has disappeared since the World Cup.


Rüdiger (6,5): The German struggled to adapt himself to the squad, specially to the four-man defensive line system. However, he has ended up being the player that has stood out the most defensively. His performance against Haaland in the first leg game will stick to all Real Madrid fans’ memories.

Ceballos (6,5): His level improvement has been one of the positive aspects for Real Madrid this season. He has taken advantage of the minutes Ancelotti has provided him with and he has become a reliable player on rotation. His contract extension is still an unknown.

Tchouaméni (6,5): The Frenchman’s case is another example of the performing drop after the World Cup. He started off the right way into the season and he even took over the spot of Casemiro as a pure midfielder at the beginning. However, he has ended up being a second unit player.

Asensio (6): Another year without pain or glory, another year without meeting with the expectations. He is likely the best bench player of the squad, but he just does not take that step forward that can put him on the starting XI. He will continue his career at PSG.

Alaba (6): Below the level he showed last year and injured for too long. However, he has also had some good performances and he counts on the confidence from Ancelotti.

Carvajal (5,5): His season is kind of complex, a clear failure until the month of April, and an excellent from then on. He has already showed this change in the last few seasons, and that is why he has got a pass.

Álvaro (5,5): The academy player has earned a spot in the first team thanks to his positive stats after his short but worth appearances. A goal and an assist in 78 minutes played.

Lucas Vázquez (5): Another one without pain or glory. A simple pass because he always responds within his role.


Mendy (4,5): He just can’t find the required consistency in order to play for Real Madrid. His shape is not the best possible one and his performances are full of doubts both offensively and defensively. Most part of the fans would be happy with his departure.

Lunin (4,5): He has been given more opportunities than he thought due to the injuries from Courtois. However, he has not convinced anyone.

Hazard (3): Despite his promises, the Belgian has had another disappointing season. He is one of the last options offensively and the fans are desperate for him to leave.

Mariano (2): Scoreless and almost invisible. He will leave the squad as soon as his contract expires this summer.

No grades: Vallejo and Odriozola

Ancelotti (7): The Italian coach has been unable to recover the level after the World Cup. The team fell in LaLiga, but they have had a positive participation in the Champions League, except for the second leg against Manchester City, which has brought multiple doubts on his decisions.

However, ‘Carletto’ has enough credit to stay for one more season, at least, until his contract expires. The season can be graded for him on a -B because the annual requirement for Real Madrid is to win either LaLiga or the Champions League.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: Edit José Manuel Calviño.

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