It looks like a situation sent from the sky: FC Barcelona lose their best midfielder of all times, Sergio Busquets, and Joshua Kimmich, one of the best players in the world on that position, offers himself to be signed. He would not be happy at Bayern Munich, according to several German media, and would like to leave this summer, with Barcelona as his favorite destination.

Sporting wise, this signing would just come at the best possible moment for Barça. With the arrival of Kimmich, they would be signing a very experienced player in the elite, but who is still just 28 years old; he knows the playing style and he would adapt himself perfectly to the spot left by Sergio Busquets.

According to the football website, Kimmich has had a way better season both defensively and offensively plus creation wise than Busquets.

Without forgetting the fact that the Bundesliga has a lower level than LaLiga and that the German player is seven years younger, Joshua has scored more goals, five against zero from Sergio; two more assists (six), better passing accuracy (89.7%-88.7%), more steals per game…

In general, the German’s stats are way higher than the Spanish’s, who only beats him on air balls and on being less dribbled.

Furthermore, Barça are lucky enough to already have the green light from the player in order to arrive to the Spotify Camp Nou Stadium. In fact, it would have been the player himself the one to offer himself to be signed. Kimmich has admitted in an interview that Xavi Hernández is his idol and now he would love to work under him.

Kimmich is not an easy signing:

Even though the signing might look likely due to the predisposition from both parties, there would still be left the most difficult aspect to work out: the economy. The player’s salary might not be an issue, as he does not have an agent and he is aware of Barça’s financial situation.

However, even if Bayern accepted the exit from the player and would be willing to negotiate for a transfer, the price would be too high, between 80 and 100 million euros, which is a quantity that might not be authorized by LaLiga.

If Barça have a real chance to sign Kimmich, they can’t have any doubt that he is the perfect player for the job. However, the deal seems complicated and they should also probably think of other options like Zubimendi or Amrabat, which are both candidates to join in as well.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: @FCBayern_es.

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