Premier League is about to wrap up. Manchester City are just two points away from the title and Manchester United are already qualified for the Champions League, but there is still a lot to battle for: Fulham went down to the Championship last night along with West Bromwich Albion and Sheffield United. This way, the European spots and specially the Champions League ones are still to be determined in the last three games left. Let´s review every involved´s situation:


Thomas Tuchel´s lads have completed an amazing comeback in the table after the German´s addition. They could now be considered as the second best team in England both for their level and outcomes. They should at least make it to 69 points in order to certify their appearance in the next Champions League edition, just in case all their rivals win all of their games.

The derby against Arsenal should not be a problem due to both squad´s level, but Leicester could perfectly complicate the ‘Blues’. Anyway, they seem to be guaranteed three points in their last fixture, as they will face off an opponent that have nothing to fight for.


The ‘Foxes’ have a delicate situation. Brendan Rodgers has managed to make Leicester a strong candidate for the Champions, but injuries have been an obstacle all season long. For this reason, they will now have to get the secureness´ number -69- and expect to have a better scoring difference in case they tight up with Liverpool.

They have three tough matches. United and Chelsea are two out of the three strongest teams in the league. On the other hand, Tottenham have their presence in Europe for next season in risk, both for the Europa or Conference League.

The ‘Spurs’ could still make it to the Champions League mathematically, but the outcomes that they need are almost impossible to happen. This way, Leicester have a real chance to take themselves down in the table after an excellent campaign.

West Ham:

They are the revelation of the season. David Moyes has surprised everyone and has led the ‘Hammers’ to the battle for the Champions League after being too close to relegation last year. Jesse Lingard has been one of the players who has stood out the most, as we previously wrote about at ELXIIDEAL.

They have three accesible matches and the maximum points they could get is 67. If they do not fail in their meets and their rivals´ outcomes are on their side, they could top the season with a historical access to the biggest tournament in Europe.


Jürgen Klopp´s team face the final sprint with the requirement to win their pending game against Manchester United. After a disappointing season that we tried to explain in this site, the ‘Reds’ are still alive for the Champions League battle. In case they won all their matches, they would have to wait for Chelsea or Leicester to not pass the 69 points.

A loss to the ‘Red Devils’ would be a serious consequence, as they would be forced to win all the rest of their games and increase their rivals´ options to overcome them. The later duels will be against clubs that have nothing to fight for, but Liverpool´s irregularity this year makes us think that anything can happen with them.


Carlo Ancelotti has the chance to make it to the Champions League in his first completed year as the ‘Toffees’ head coach. Just as their neighbour Liverpool, injuries have make them to struggle throughout the campaign. However, they will draw with West Ham if they win their pending game against Aston Villa.

If this outcome happened, they would have to take on two “inferior level” rivals and (if they win they both) having to beat Manchester City (which should be Champions by then). This way, they are the team with the less chances to make it compared to the ‘top 4’. However, just making it to the Europa League would fulfill their season´s goal.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

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