The Premier Legue is full of starts that shine every match. No matter if it is through incredible saves, tackles to the limit, perfect passes or fantastic goals; the players from the English league give a show like no other. Names are multiple on every line of the pitch and we could dedicate them full articles. However, there is a special category just for the goal scorers, those specialists on both creating chances and finishing them.

Harry KaneBruno FernandesKevin De Bruyne and Jack Grealish are currently the best goal producers in the league. They lead the assists stats with ten, seven (Fernandes and De Bruyne) and six. Furthermore, the Portugueses is the Red Devil that has scored the most (10 goals). Kane and Grealish are the next ones in the list, nine and five goals, respectively. On the other hand, the Belgian player has the lowest numbers on this aspect, as he has only scored two goals so far.

All of them lead the stats on assists, key passes, shots and goals production. However, even though they are all very important players for their team, the Villans captain has become the trendy player in England. He is the star of the Premier League.

Jack Grealish´s stats:

Grealish is a footballer that, even though he already proved his talent in previous years, has taken off in 2020, specially this new season. He is registering incredible numbers that are putting him among the bests in the world. In fact, the graph below puts him as the third best chances creator (among the five top leagues), only behind Neymar and Messi.

In the Premier League, the Villians´captain is the one who has made the most passes that end on a shot -70- , followed by Mateusz Klich and Bruno Fernandes -55 y 54 each one-. He also leads the key passes stat with 51 total. Regarding to plays that have ended up in goals, no matter if it was through a pass, a dribble, or a set piece on him; Grealish is drawn with Kane and Fernandes (14 actions). In fact, he is the player that has received the most faults in the league (65), with a 23 difference towards the second one, Wilfried Zaha.

This way, all these data show that the English man is currently the best scoring and chances producer in the league. Moreover, he has beaten a curious record: he created eight scoring chances against West Bromwich Albion. This way, he is the player that has created the most chances in a single game on the road for the last five seasons.

A star´s style:

Jack Grealish produces his numbers through a brilliant playing style: he has astonished the world in the last months both with his club and the national team through his outstanding performances full of magic details. He is very skillful with the ball on his feet and dribbles incredibly easy (he is the second player in the Premier Legue with the most successful dribbles).

In addition to his excellent technique, which he uses equally for assisting or shooting, Grealish has a great game vision. It is not uncommon to see him on limit situations and witness accurate passes at the exact right moment.

His football develops mostly in the opponent´s left wing. However, he usually comes to support as a passing option when taking the ball from backwards and has freedom to take over any position he considers it is best for him. He is a playmaker. This is why Aston Villa´s matches are already a must-see meet for all the fans around the world. Grealish is a man that gives a show anywhere he goes.

His distinction and beautiful game have turned him into the trendy player in the Premier League. Certainly, he has an exciting career ahead of him, as he is only 25, so he could become a world star if he has not already…

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.


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