Ricky Rubio has almost been in the NBA for a decade. After a short return to the Minnesota Timberwolves, The Spanish point guard will now start a new adventure with the Cleveland Cavaliers, a team that has nothing to do with what they were a few years ago when they earned the ring. What is it expected from Ricky Rubio in this new phase?

Unexpected exit from Minnesota:

Ricky returned to the Minnesota Timberwolves in 2020 after an intense summer where the Phoenix Suns got rid of him in order to sign Chris Paul. A great addition for Phoenix, but Ricky did not deserve to leave that way. Oklahoma would not be his destination, as Minnesota decided to count on him again. A year later, and after another disappointing season by the Timberwolves, the franchise decided to reform the roster during offseason.

Ricky was traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers during the Tokyo Olympics almost at the same time as Juancho Hernangómez was disallowed to play by the Timberwolves. This was a movement that dragged many attention, as it seemed like Ricky was settled down in Minnesota and could be a key player for the team. Not at all, as it was proved that Ricky was not that important for the Timberwolves.

With his pride harmed, Ricky kept focused on battling for the gold with ‘La Familia’, but they were beaten by the United States and were unable to earn any medal. “In the Olympics I faced people that I have already played with like Devin Booker or Zach LaVine. It is always good to compete against the best ones and it is good to play as I did, specially after being traded. You want to prove your value. You feel good”.

Ricky Rubio Spanish National Team
Ricky Rubio with the Spanish National Team.

Ricky sincere about his situation on an interview to Marca in August: “I am a bit tired of too many changes. In the end a player like me, even more now that I have a family needs some stability off the court. Ultimately I have in the NBA for ten years and I know how this works”.

“I am a bit tired of too much change”

Ricky Rubio on an interview to Marca

What is the situation of Cleveland Cavaliers?

Ricky Rubio is a player with a lot of experience in the league, which is something very useful in a team with young players. Now Ricky feels very confidence about his role as a mentor: “I have been in the NBA for ten years and I know how both a veteran or a young locker-room works. I have made it to the Playoffs and made it to other rounds. I am not afraid about this. I can´t wait to see how my role will be there”.

” I have been in the NBA for ten years and I know how a veteran or a young locker-room works. I am not afraid about this”

Ricky Rubio on an interview to Marca

But the Cavs have nothing to do with the golden years with LeBron James. There is a lot to be done yet, specially on defense. Cleveland have strengthened themselves this summer with the signs of Jarret AllenLauri Markkanen or Rookie Evan Mobley: “What really makes a team to be good is to put all the pieces together and make them work. That is when we will see how everything works, and as a veteran, it is part of my job to make it work”, Ricky said.

Hopefully Ricky can find the stability that he deserves after so many trades in the last few years and can help the Cleveland to recover the status they had, but it will be tough for them to make it far with teams like the Brooklyn Nets, the Lakers or new contenders like the Chicago Bulls.

What do you expect from Ricky Rubio in Cleveland?

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: Cleveland Cavaliers.

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