Jorge Resurrección, Koke, the captain and symbol of Atlético de Madrid, has become the player with the most games in the history of the club (554) and overcomes Adelardo, who had held the record for the last 47 years. And Koke has accomplished this number only at the age of 30. An example of constancy and sacrifice, of a pure one club man. An example of Atleti.

The extension of Cholo Simeone on the field, has become the absolute legend of an institution such Atlético de Madrid based on courage and heart that have been built game by game, as the canons of the ‘Rojiblancos’ dictate. Service and passion for defending another way of living life. Never stop believing with any obstacle on the path. Proving that anything is possible if you believe and work hard enough for it.

A key piece for the golden decade of Atlético, and the reflect on the field of the growth of the club and the value of being responsible for it coming from the academy, Koke has always been the perfect barometer of the feeling of the ‘Rojiblancos’ and the main representative of their values.

Koke was the one who allied with Simeone as the incarnation of what Atlético represent and the one who put the flag and kissed the shield in the circle of the enemy’s temple to commemorate the start of a new era at the club with the farewell of the ‘harmed team’ and the welcome of a seasoned and annoying squad that nobody wanted to take on and that beat most of the opponents through weathering.

Koke was the foundation of the championship back in 2014 with his positional knowledge and physical display in a team that was built to compete and win. In a group committed to an idea and loyal to it to the last consequences that was able to pull off what everyone thought that was impossible to accomplish. Koke also played a key role in the metamorphosis of Simeone’s squad in their last league and the one in charge of keeping the balance both in the locker room and the field.

Koke, the holder of the bracelet that represents too much people, has been the compass in the best years in the history of the club and the spokesman of the group in the tough moments and in every single defeat. Koke, a tireless worker and the symbol of the unnoticed ability of always knowing what the best call is, is an example of commitment and sense of belonging towards a the colors that are inherent to his way of being.

Koke, to put it in context, is almost 200 games above his closest chaser in the ranking of played matches with Atlético and aims to reach an unbeatable mark in the history of the club.

Koke, who even the BBC does not get why people are barely praising and talking about him in a country monopolized by the two big clubs, and after an outstanding trajectory that still has a long way to go, will keep working in the shadow for making his way of living life, Atlético, a better club.

Koke, an absolute legend, the ‘Rojiblanco’ icon that the people feel the most identified with, will keep being an example of pure Atleti.

Main image: Edit José Manuel Calviño.

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