Congratulations if you are a fan of the Chicago Bulls, as there are plenty of reasons to be excited with this team into the new season. For now they have won all their games, which means four victories in a row. After so many years of waiting for their resurface, there are finally motives to believe in these Bulls.

Signs fit in:

We already went through on how the Eastern Conference has strengthened, but the new signs in the Chicago Bulls have fit in perfectly into the system of the team, unlike the Lakers, for example. Lonzo BallDeMar DeRozan and Alex Caruso are showing a very attractive game that proves the power that these Bulls have.

Lonzo is feeling comfortable playing as a point guard, DeRozan seems to get back to his best level that did not show in San Antonio and Caruso is a great sixth man. Now Zach LaVine, the franchise player for the Bulls, is surrounded by very talented players that can potential his level and make him even better.

Unstoppable into the start of the season:

The Chicago Bulls are the first team in the league to pick up four wins this season. The sensations are very positive and everything points at the Bulls earning a very good record by the end of the regular season. The other team that still has not lost a single game are the Golden State Warriors of Curry and company.

But coming back to the Chicago Bulls, I venture to say that they will be a team to take into account in the East and I would not be surprised at all if they end within the first spots of the table. Brooklyn Nets are of course still the favorite candidates to end on top, but they have already collected two defeats. The Milwaukee Bucks are showing a high level and their motivation to defend the title also helps. Philadelphia 76ers still has to figure out the controversial situation with Ben Simmons.

Things are going pretty well in Chicago and it all seems like this season we are going to enjoy a lot with a franchise that has the spotlights on it again after many years in the shadow. And what about you, Are you joining the Chicago Bulls rodeo?

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: Chicago Bulls.

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