Argentina are one of the main candidates to battle for the World Cup, but… Would it be a failure for them to not lift the trophy?

If we actually analize Argentina’s call-up name by name, there are not more than four or five players from the absolute worldwide elite.

However, the expectations that the entire country has put on them and the fact that they will leave it all on the field have made the team coached by Lionel Scaloni to be one of the favorites of the tournament.

On the other hand, knowing that this will be Messi‘s last World Cup, makes the tournament to earn some extra mysticism, as he will miss the only trophy he has not lifted as a professional if Argentina do not manage to end champions. Furthermore, this is the most important title.

This way Argentina (players and fans) do not contemplate any other possibility that does not include winning the World Cup on December 18th. And that can also be dangerous.

It is dangerous because any other chance but not lifting that golden trophy would be a failure, as this is Messi’s last chance and because Argentina are at their best momentum towards this tournament.

Coach Scaloni has earned an unprecedented record. His Argentina have been unbeatable for the last 35 games, and that is a lot of games. They have won the Copa America by being the best team clearly with an astonishing Messi that was able to lift the trophy at the Maracana Stadium, the dreamed script.

But they want more. It would not be enough to reach the semifinals at this World Cup. Argentina only think about winning it at any cost.

The unconditional support from Argentina:

Obviously, in Spain almost everyone roots for Spain. However, there is also a small percentage that either because of the differences with the coach or because they do not feel represented by the players he has chosen, prefer to cheer up for another country.

In Argentina it is impossible that the 100% of their population does not cheer up for Scaloni’s squad. However, that can either add some extra pressure to the players or become an extra motivation to put them closer to their goal.

All in all, Argentina do not have a 20 top players roster as Brasil do, for example. However, they are a real team that stick by each other and know perfectly the coach.

I do not know if Argentina would be able to win this World Cup, as small details in this kind of tournaments are key, but I can assure that it would be a failure for any Argentinian to not lift it from an emotional perspective.

Main image: @Argentina.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

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