This Sunday May 14th, Mother’s Day in the United States, a ‘Game 7’ in the Eastern Conference Semifinals was held between the Boston Celtics and the 76ers. The TD Garden witnessed an intense battle between two of the main candidates to win the ring. A battle that, in addition, included a magnificent show by Jayson Tatum.

It was 3:30 pm in Boston when the gladiators from both franchises showed up on the court for the last game of the series. The battle was set: the home team led by both J’s, Jayson Tatum y Jaylen Brown, and the visiting led by current MVP, Joel Embiid, and a decisive James Harden in two games.

The first quarter was won by the Sixers with a 23-29 score, as they wanted to reach the finals for the first time since the 2000-2001 season. However, after the first 12 minutes, a hurricane called Jayson Tatum took place at the TD Garden and so he carries out a performing for the ages that will go down in the NBA books.

Jayson Tatum, a performance for the ages:

Home team won the second quarter, who led the game at halftime by three points (55-52). The ‘0’ for the Celtics began to built his historical night at halftime, as he joined a selected group of players (Luka Doncic, Paul Pierce, LeBron James and Jamal Murray) with 25 or more points at halftime in a Game 7. And the real storm took place in the third quarter and blew away the Sixers.

A 25-3 run in the third quarter put it completely away. Jayson Tatum reached the 42 points at the end of it and continued his climbing in the table of unbelievable performances in a Game 7 in the history of the Playoffs.

We must also point out the defense from the team coached by Joe Mazzulla. The 36 years old Dominican’s performance stopping Joel Embiid is worth it to be taught to kids at basketball schools. Along with Marcus Smart, one of the best exterior defenders in the league, and Robert Williams III, using two bigs on the court, Celtics’ defense became unbeatable for a Sixers that were aware right away that their season was soon to be over.

With a 28 points-lead, Mazzulla had a conversation with Tatum for a possible break, seeing the changeless destination of the game. However, the small forward asked his coach for a few more minutes in order to make a couple more touches to top off his artwork. This way, Tatum would reach the 51 points in this game through a triple.

The 25 years old player had just made history: highest scoring in a Game 7 in the history for the Boston Celtics, surpassing the 47 points by San Jones in 1963 against the Cincinnati Royals, and also highest scoring in a Game 7 in the history of the Playoffs, overcoming the 50 points scored by Stephen Curry in this postseason against the Sacramento Kings.

This way, while the TD Garden paid tribute to the last MVP from the Eastern Conference Finals, Jayson Tatum went to the bench after an extraordinary exhibition. His 51 points (17-28 in field goals, 6-10 in triples and 11-14 in free throws), 13 rebounds, five assists and two steals, which are all numbers that are going into the memories from all the fans to basketball as one of the best talent show in a Game 7, which is the place where the real stars from this sport show up.

An excellent gift that Tatum gave to Brandy Cole, his mother, at the Mother’s Day, thanking her for all the efforts that she made when she raised him, as all the mothers have done for all of us.

Because the true heroes, as Tatum knows, are not the athletes, actors or artists that make us to enjoy, but instead all those mothers around the world.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: @celtics.

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