With the conclusion of NBA play-in earlier today, it is time for the final phase of the Playoffs, which will decide who rises as the 2022 – 2023 champions of the best basketball league in the world.

With the first-round matchups already defined, everything is underway for the start of the most intense months in the worldwide basketball scene, filled with the most competitive and exciting action on the court and very different play compared to what is displayed during the regular season.

At ELXIIDEAL we launch our own NBA Playoffs 2022-2023 Guidebook with all the information on each of the 16 teams that take part in the postseason. You can download it for free below.

*Update with the eight teams that have qualified for the Conference Semifinals.

Ranking of the qualified teams for the postseason:

Eastern conference:

1. Milwaukee Bucks (58-24).

2. Boston Celtics (57-25).

3. Philadelphia 76ers (54-28).

4. Cleveland Cavaliers (51-31).

5. New York Knicks (47-35).

6. Brooklyn Nets (45-37).

7. Atlanta Hawks (41-41).

8. Miami Heat (44-38).

Western Conference:

1. Denver Nuggets (53-29).

2. Memphis Grizzlies (51-31).

3. Sacramento Kings (48-34).

4. Phoenix Suns (45-37).

5. Los Ángeles Clippers (44-38).

6. Golden State Warriors (44-38).

7. Los Ángeles Lakers (43-39).

8. Minnesota Timberwolves (42-40).

Disposition of the first round matchups:

Eastern Conference:

1. Milwaukee Bucks vs 8. Miami Heat.

2. Boston Celtics vs 7. Atlanta Hawks.

3. Philadelhpia 76ers vs 6. Brooklyn Nets.

4. Cleveland Cavaliers vs 5. Los Angeles Clippers.

Western Conference:

1. Denver Nuggets vs 8. Minnesota Timberwolves.

2. Memphis Grizzlies vs 7. Los Angeles Lakers.

3. Sacramento Kings vs 6. Golden State Warriors.

4. Phoenix Suns vs 5. New York Knicks.

NBA Playoffs 2022-2023 Guidebook made by Brais González and Nuño Alonso.

Main image: José Manuel Calviño.

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