The Premier League have brought back one of their legends. Steven Gerrard has taken a step forward on his career as a coach with his sign for Aston Villa. A new and difficult challenge for the symbol of Liverpool, as he will have to lift the spirit of a club that is just two points above relegation.

Villa’s performing has really disappointed the expectations from the start of the season. The exit of Jack Grealish, their spiritual and footballer leader can be an important reason.

However, the board of directors invested on three players to precisely balance this absence: Danny IngsEmi Buendía and Leon Bailey. Non of them have played at their best level, but the las one is the most worrying case: he has barely started twice and has shown bad sensations.

Nobody doubts about these players’ abilities, as they all shined on their previous teams. This is why the fans are expecting Steven Gerrard to make the most out of their potential.

The Englishman coach’s job at Rangers has generated positive critics and it is pretty stimulating to think about what he can accomplish in England. He won the Scottish Premiership last season and Aston Villa have pointed out his attractive and offensive playing style.

There are people who think that Gerrard has been too anxious about leaving Scotland halfway into the season. There are also doubts on his real preparation to coach in the best league in the world. Frank Lampard is a good example to measure expectations, but the ball is the one that has the last saying.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: Twitter @AVFCOfficial.

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