We all know that Valencia CF are in a very delicate situation, as they are on verge of a disaster as it would be to go down to the Second Division. And time to avoid it is running out. New head coach Rubén Baraja, who is also a legend of the club as a player, is their last chance to avoid relegation.

Valencia CF have been harmed by their own board of directors for too long, as it has already been almost nine years since Peter Lim took over the ownership.

A club that, by the way, lacks a solid sporting area since the start of the 19/20 season with the exits of manager Mateu Alemany and coach Marcelino García Toral. The only ones that brought some stability (and successes based on the historical of this institution) during the journey of the entity to the nothing. They fired both of them respected professionals for questioning the decisions from unqualified blinded owners. That is the way it has been up to this point, and we will see how long it stays.

Rubén Baraja has experience in several benches in Spanish football, but has never worked in the First Division. He assured when he was named in his new position that “he is not afraid” of the complicated situation that Valencia is going through and that he is accomplishing his dream.

Yes indeed, this is his main professional challenge so far, the most demanding and the most special for his trajectory on Mestalla’s field. And that might also be an advantage for Peter Lim, as someone from home always counts on an extra credit towards the crowd and also becomes a shield for the board of directors.

Valencia did not start the new season bad at all under the charisma of Gennaro Gattuso, as they found some sporting stability in the middle of an institutional chaos.

But the Italian coach also run out of patience, tired of the fake promises from the ownership, and so he quit. Then Voro, who is always ready to take over on the bench, filled the gap for a while. We all know that the problem is not on the bench. Even Peter Lim is aware of that.

Based on the previous tactical display from coach Baraja, we should expect a conservative approach in a 4-4-2 system with doble full backs on both sides in order to build their stay from the defensive foundations. That is to say, a similar strategy to Voro’s, and excatly the opposite compared to the attractive style from their first coach this season.

We still have to see the final outcome, but Valencia have been playing with fire for too long due to the negligent management from an ownership whose final intentions from ruining their own company can’t be guessed. Good luck to Rubén Baraja. He will need it.

Main image: @valenciacf.

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