Cholo Simeone is going through his most difficult moment at Atletico de Madrid after a decade full of success. An unpublished sporting crisis in the last ten years where he has won game by game until building an annoying and tough team to beat that has reached everything that no one thought that was possible. An incredible job and effort to fix a shield and allow it to be respected by the big fishes. A resistance exercise to overcome adversity at every time.

Cholo, hero and architect of the historical feats of Atlético de Madrid, started off with a low profile roster until transforming it into an expensive one thanks to all the wins. Cholo, the symbol of resistance against the all times duopoly, took an entire institution to its highest and built a big stadium to compete with the other big teams through his effort and knowledge. Cholo has represented throughout all these years another way of living for many people.

Atlético are a team that is now being questioned and for the first time in ten years struggling on their performances and outcomes, but they are also competing in the elite thanks to Cholo. He is the only one who can change the course and the top players that the clubs has been able to sign thanks to his job.

Cholo, the responsible one for all the good that has happened to Atlético in the last ten years is also the one who rejoined the fans until building an unbreakable bond with the people. Even though Cholo is currently going through a tough crisis, he deserves the support from both all those who has given it all to (the board of directors and the crowd) and has earned enough credit to decide how to rediscover the stability. Cholo, the symbol of the ‘Rojiblancos’, will stay at Atlético as long as he decides because he has earned that.

With the most important game of the season against Manchester United right around the corner and just about to start a new attempt to lift the title that football owes him so much, Cholo expects to change the course of the team right on time so it all goes back to normal with the support from the people and the courage and heart this team always shows.

“We are at a resistance moment”, he said last year when it seemed like he was going to lose LaLiga title that he ended up winning. Cholo, the leader and hero of Atlético, is at a resistance moment to put up with nonsense critics while he finds the way to lift the team that he has powered up himself.

Main image: Twitter @Simeone.

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