Morata meets again with the “Vecchia Signora”. The Spanish striker returns to his old home during the 2014/2015 and 2015/2016 season. 

The final price has been set to 10 million euros and Juventus will have the player on a one-year loan with the option to extend the deal for one more season. Moreover, the agreement includes the possibility for Juve to buy him for 45 million euros next season. 

This way, Atlético allows Morata to return to Italy, which is where he wants to be, and helps to add Suárez to Atlético as a free agent. Juve was also interested in Suárez, but he was finally ruled out as he would not have the Italian passport before the transfer market ends. 

Morata has been the one to request Atlético to transfer him. He feels that he does not have the playing time he deserves under Cholo and he will look to have a more important role with Andrea Pirlo as his new coach. 

Morata has clearly proved that he is a multiple man´ clubs and no team. He has always said that it was his dream as a child to play for the club he had just signed for and that he was very happy to join them. Well, the reality is that he has not stayed anywhere for more than two seasons. Too much instability that does not make any good on him, as he is unable to settle at any team. And that affects his performance on the field, where he has not stand out at all. 

He has already forgotten about the love shown to Atlético when he arrived. Quotes such as that he would love to retire at Atlético, or asking for forgiveness to the fans that travelled to Anfield have ended up meaning nothing to him, who has never reached his best level either during his time at Atlético. Now he leaves once again making millions of euros with his continuous market movements between clubs that, incomprehensibly, see him as a great player. He is the new version of Anelka. 


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