The defeat of Spain against Morocco has faded away the illusions from many. The emotional hangover has been ever worst. Failure is already being used and many question the stay of Luis Enrique.

Some time ago I read a quote from an author that I can’t remember now that came up to my mind right after seeing Hakimi take the final penalty: “The defeat does not only uncover our fictitious strength, but it can also result in surprising epilogues“.

We were not the best, but we still talk about disappointment. That shows our illusions and dreams, hopeful until the very last moment. 2014 was the end of a golden generation. The generational change in 2018 did not meet the expectations. Since then, a new group of players have tried to bring back the excitement to us during the last few years, with both the faith of better times to come and the skeptical look from many others.

To convince the country that this group is capable of winning is very difficult, specially coming from our best times. Many of the ones who now root for Spain only know what the ‘quarter finals’ cruise’ is because someone older brings it up once in a while.

Now they call ‘father’ to the coach, and some really are the age to be his children. To attract the crowd not through tittles, but instead through approach and empathy, is a powerful way to adapt to the current society.

His live programs on Twitch have been all around the news on trying to find out if this decision would affect his work during the World Cup. To question his professionalism for whatever he wants to do on his free time is absolutely stupid.

No matter the reasons, some part of the Spanish media have crossed the red line of journalism’s rigor, if they have not done so already.

In this 45 daily minutes live, Luis Enrique has come closer to curious fans that just wanted to get to know him better. Sometimes they talked about soft topics with more personal questions, but they also asked about his job on preparation for the national team.

All of his technical staff has joined him throughout his programs and so we have been able to witness all the job behind scenes from all of them. They brought up some interesting topics such as mental health in sports.

I have always considered Luis Enrique to be a very versatile coach, capable of adapting himself and making the most out of what he has. He does not call-up a Spanish All-Stars team for his squad, but he instead choses the pieces and players’ features that can make up the best possible team for him.

This is what has disappointed me the most from him. The few versatility that he has shown at the difficult moments of this tournament. I have seen lack of resources and responses from Spain towards what the opponents approached with.

I admire the personality from Luis Enrique, a direct coach with very clear ideas, but I also understand that not everyone can like him. To disagree on his decisions or ideas is totally respectable. However, to take it to the personal area is absolutely unacceptable.

Off the field, a first step has been taken towards a near future. Some people dare to say that the youth is not really interested in football anymore. The reality is that they are making football less accessible. I wish there would be more coaches and players to be this natural with their fans.

Football wise, we have a young generation to grow on and keep adding talent to. The rests from better years are more nostalgia than reality and so we also need to learn from failures. There is not other option if we want to get better next time.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: @SEFutbol.

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