To try to set a precedent in football nowadays is a very difficult goal to accomplish. En more when the rules remain stipulated and the tools to that to try to break down some of them are not strong enough.

This is the case of Cádiz, who were harmed last Monday after a huge mistake and without precedents from the VAR. A goal by Ezequiel Ponce in the 81st minute that made the final draw silenced the Nuevo Mirandilla, Carranzaor Estadio, however you want to call Cádiz’s stadium.

Several images from Movistar LaLiga channel proved that the action had not been checked and that the mistake was never fixed. The dance starts now. A dance that will not make any of the parties involved happy.

This dance was not going to be a slow one, specially for the Technical Board of the Referees and LaLiga, that were not just aware of what would come for them. In a moment were both the VAR and the tools are questioned every weekend, this would certainly be the turning point to criticize the new technologies, make debates between the fans and, of course, analyze Cádiz’s position.

President Manuel Vizcaíno required the replay of the game since the 81st minute of the Cádiz versus Elche game with 1-0 in the scoreboard (which is the moment when the VAR did not make that call) through a tough and right statement. Of course, to make such request nowadays could seem an utopia, as referee mistakes are well seen and have not consequences at all.

But not, it is not an impudence. We are not talking here about a mistake of interpretation where the defense from the accused would be “I read this and this is what it is”. The mistake from the VAR is a protocol problem for which the check of a decisive play does not take place and based on what the rules from professional football stipulate. So just as it might seem an impudence to ask for the replay of a game since a specific minute, so it is to make a mistake like this one through a technological system.

Let’s make things clear. Nobody is going to be happy out of this mess. If Cádiz are not harmed at the end of the season, other teams will, as that goal certainly impacts the current table. This way, it is very complicated to now find a solution. The ideal one would be to replay the game since the 81st minute, but Elche might not be willing to accept that, as it is logical.

To perpetuate a verdict today can equal to jump into an empty pool. I do not know if Cádiz, Elche, the Technical Board of Referees, LaLiga, or any other person linked to this negligence that took place last Monday will be able to reach a beneficial agreement for all the parties involved.

What I am sure of is that football, the guidelines when setting up the refereeing criteria and and the VAR must improve and have self-criticism. Just as Valladolid’s coach Pacheta recently said: “I pay for their mistakes, but they do not pay for mines”.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: @Cadiz_CF.

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