Human beings are not perfect machines. We make mistakes and we must learn from them in order to improve as people. For all this I can only say one thing: I’m sorry, Ferran Torres.

I can’t start any other way than to apologise for the amount of criticism of you last season. After your poor performances last year at Can Barça, I was one of those people who included you on the exit ramp this summer.

Ferran Torres hasn’t only had to fight against constant criticism from fans and the press, but he has also had to deal with the break-up with his partner in May this year. A relationship for which he has always been criticized, as he has been accused of a certain well-connecting as he is dating the daughter of the former Spanish coach, Luis Enrique.

Despite the adversities, the Valencian player took advantage of the summer holidays to get out of the eye of the hurricane. But not only that, but Ferran has also trained very hard to be able to reach the great level he once had and that little by little was disappearing. He has undoubtedly acquired the Mamba Mentality that made Kobe Bryant so famous in the world of sport.

With little news about the player, the press speculated that he might leave the club in order to gradually alleviate Barça’s financial debt. But all very far from reality, as Ferran Torres himself already warned in the preseason that he was 100% focused on his football and that mentally he was like a bull. Obviously, after his previous seasons, nobody believed it until they saw it.

‘The Shark’, as he is now known, would leave everyone surprised on the team’s North American tour, as he returned to Spain with three goals and an assist playing only 133 minutes in four games.

Despite this, in the first league game against Getafe, he didn’t play a single minute. But as we know, sharks are patient animals that wait for the right moment to hunt their prey. And this shark is very hungry for football. It didn’t take him long to prove it, scoring a goal against Cádiz playing only four minutes.

Xavi isn’t blind and has seen the radical change in a player he had on the bench as the last asset for the offensive front of the team. Little by little, he has started to introduce him more into the team, being already the first offensive change in the games against Villarreal (in which he scored the goal that started the comeback) and Osasuna, playing around half an hour in both games.

His level has been so good that even Spain coach Luis de la Fuente decided to call him up for Spain’s second match after Dani Olmo‘s injury. The Spanish winger played again 30 minutes coming from the bench and managed to score two goals against Cyprus.

‘The Shark’ is rising from the ashes like a phoenix, showing the player he once was at City and Valencia. Ferran Torres is one of the best players in the world in terms of goals per minute, averaging a goal every 22 minutes this season.

Ferran is undoubtedly touched by a magic wand right now and Barça should take advantage of that. Despite his high level, his starting place in the Barça team is complicated, as with Xavi’s current scheme and the emergence of the young talent Lamine Yamal, his chances are quite low.

However, he has earned the respect of the fans and it seems that he is going to acquire a role as a revulsive player, which will be necessary to unblock some of the games that Barça might be struggling with.

Ferran Torres has gone from being the villain to a hero for the fans of the blaugrana club, and in football, for better or worse, memory is very short and you are almost always judged by the present. We will see how the season progresses for Ferran and if he manages to maintain this state of grace.

What is certain is that Ferran has created a movement. Right now we all want to see ‘The Shark’ play.

Main image: @FCBarcelona_es.

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