The goal: three metal posts and a position that brings along a huge responsibility in football since its beginning. To win in this sport is always sums up with as simple as complex quote: “to dominate the boxes”. This consideration involves the performing of the keeper in a 50%, at least. A single player that must become in the talisman of the team, specially when the rest does not work out. And fortunately for Cádiz, they have their own guardian.

Despite having joined since three seasons, Jeremías Conan Ledesma seems to have been born at the ‘Tacita de Plata’. He is the owner of the goals of the Nuevo Mirandilla Stadium previously named Carranza; he feels identified with the team and the city; and, mostly, he has earned the love from such a loyal and passional crowd for his extraordinary work every game.

The Argentinian keeper has been the main character and actually the hero in the last two stays of Cádiz at LaLiga. It is true that his initial style of saves and movements was exotic compared to what we are used to see in Spain, but his performances always leave top quality actions and, overall, they are productive for Cádiz, which is gold for a team fighting to avoid relegation.

In his third season, we could say that Conan Ledesma is showing his highest level. However, this is a repeated assertion during his entire time in Spain. Not, it is not an exaggeration. He matures his style and hierarchy at a quick pace. He holds a wide and solid catalog of resources: safe with the ball on his feet, great at catching crosses, more lateral kick outs…

Numbers are on his side. He leads the saves rankings and, even though those data are from a Cádiz currently in relegation, the context is different. The team coached by Sergio González is increasing its competitiveness and now is able to monetize his saves. Conan Ledesma provides with points and is among the TOP 5 of keepers in LaLiga since the beginning of the season.

The keys on his growth are based on his tough mentality, that resilience capacity that he has even openly shown with tears on the field; and, of course, in the daily work from Conan Ledesma himself, and also the magnificent team of keepers that Cádiz have.

Because, even though the Argentinian is the main character, there are “secondary” actors behind that add up to his outstanding performing and who Ledesma always thanks for at the end of every game: David Gil, the second keeper; Víctor Aznar, the third one; and special mention for Lolo Bocardo, the keepers coach. They all make up an excellent and indispensable group.

Ledesma y su equipo celebran la victoria
Conan Ledesma, Víctor Aznar and Lolo Bocardo celebrate the victory against Valencia. Image: LaLiga Santander.

We still do not know the final outcome for Cádiz at the end of the season, which also relies a lot on the help from a board of directors that do not bring too much optimism. However, if the team progresses around the system and the idea from the game against Valencia and Conan Ledesma maintains this astonishing level, Cádiz will have many chances to stay.

Cádiz will keep enjoying for now of a keeper that has shown his unconditional love for the shield and who, if nothing goes the wrong way, will go down in the history of a club traditionally known for magnificent keepers.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: Edit José Manuel Calviño.

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