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La afición reclama a Koeman mayor protagonismo para Balde

The management of young players

A lot is being said on how Koeman is managing the young promising players in Barcelona. Are they given enough opportunities? Should they play on the crucial games? The fans have increased this debate in the last few months...
Vinicius besa el escudo del Real Madrid

The new Vinicius: illusion with caution

September 1st: The desire by the 'Madridistas' to see Kylian Mbappé on their team which, in other words, meant a sign to excite the crowd, fades away. However, the destiny is showing that Real Madrid made the right choice...
El Bayern vuelve a humillar al Barça

“It is what it is”

This is the way FC Barcelona captain Gerard Piqué felt right away after a new defeat to Bayern Munich: "It is what it is, we are what we are". It has been more than a year since the historical...
La FIFA propone un Mundial cada dos años para reducir los parones internacionales

The circus that we all pay for

The season has just begun and we already have a huge mess to face between the different organizations that run football due to an unilateral decision by the most important organism, FIFA, that attacks both the integrity of club...
Gareth Bale acerca a Gales al Mundial

It’s time for Gareth Bale

Gareth Bale is one of those special players in football. He has top quality but tends to not fulfill expectations on his performing level for some reason. Injuries, attitude, moral... These are factors that make this kind of players...
Yeremi Pino celebra un gol con el Villarreal

Canarian art at La Cerámica

No, he is not made out of ceramics, but he shows off his art with the ball at La Cerámica Stadium. Straight out of the Canary Islands and from the powerful 2002 generation, Yeremi Jesús Pino Santos has not...
Última Hora Mercado de Fichajes 2020-2021. ELXIIDEAL

Transfer market 2021/2022

Follow the latest from the transfer market at ELXIIDEAL. Every trade updated minute by minute. 08/31/2021: DEADLINE DAY Griezmann returns home: Antoine Griezmann returns to Atlético de Madrid on loan for a season plus the possibility to extend it for an...

Throwback to a compromised past

Two years after his exit, Antoine Griezmann returns to Atlético de Madrid knowing that his right place to shine is under Cholo Simeone and that is documentary and the way he left the club to play along the '10'...
LaLiga aprueba el fondo CVC

One expression and many sayings

A long journey through the desert: LaLiga has lost most of the leadership it was used to have in the last few seasons. The state that manages all the issues from the professional clubs did not admit the fact that...
Pedri se marcha de vacaciones

‘The Great Pedri’

Pedri González has really stood out during his first year at Barça and not only has become into an essential player for Koeman, but it is clear that he has been the club´s only good decision in the last...


Madrid win the derby

Madrid started off with five midfielders just like they did at the Spanish Supercup, but that system did not work this time and the...

Atlético draw once again

Griezmann Barça.

Griezmann, a year in the shadow