Monday, May 23, 2022

Champions League

The deepest analysis about the best continental football.

Nobody stops Bayern

Nowadays Bayern is the closest thing to an invincible team. They are at least a step above the rest. They control every aspect of the game and wear you out as minutes pass by. There is (barely) nothing to...

DNA of champions

The team won. The German roller finish an outstanding season with three titles for the second time in their history. Their sixth Champions League in the weirdest year, but a huge title overall. Flick´s squad showed they have been...

German reliability

Bayern are already in the UCL final after their convincing win against Olympique Lyon. The German roller honored their nickname once again after punishing their rival in most of their attempts, and it could have been even worse.  Lyon carried...

They finally have it

Nasser Al-Khelaifi finally has his match. PSG will play the Champions League final after multiple disappointments and millions spent. The reason they built this team for now makes sense. Only 90 minutes away from making history.  Tuchel´s squad had a...

Mistakes are expensive

New surprise in the Champions League: there will not be any representatives from LaLiga or the Premier League in the semifinals. The last two rounds will be formed by clubs from, a priori, two leagues that are at least...

Reality check

Barça´s defeat yesterday did not surprise anyone, as nobody bet for this team to win the Champions League for obvious reasons. They have definitely hit bottom, not only on the pitch, but also as a club. Bayern just confirmed...

Football lesson

Atlético extend their agony at the Champions League with a new nightmare. Julian Nagelsmann´s squad showed off their offensive virtues through a fast ball movement, boosted by a hybrid system that provided them with players superiority on the opponent´s...

Champions League Draw

Remaining round of 16 second leg:  Remember that the UEFA announced yesterday that they remaining round of 16 second leg games will take place at the home team´s stadium where the match was scheduled to be played:  • Manchester City vs...

Champions League will resume in ‘final 8’ format

UEFA has announced that the Champions League will resume in final eight format between August 12th and August 23rd, which is the scheduled date for the final. Atlético de Madrid, Atalanta, Leipzig and PSG have already qualified for the...

They never stop believing

Liverpool and Atlético faced off in the second leg of the Champions League round of 16. The temple of Anfield was ready for it as the excited crowd sang the "You´ll Never Walk Alone" anthem on a typical rainy...


Marc Gasol se despide de la NBA

Marc Gasol’s NBA farewell

One of the soap operas of the year finally ends. Marc Gasol returns home to the Bàsquet Girona de LEB Oro (2nd Division). The player...

Vitolo propels Atlético

Resist to win

Atlético excite on their debut