Nowadays Bayern is the closest thing to an invincible team. They are at least a step above the rest. They control every aspect of the game and wear you out as minutes pass by. There is (barely) nothing to do.

Too much punishment:

Atlético got swept without deserving it. They had a decent performance. It might look incredible, but anyone who had watch the game would understand it. Cholo´s squad were totally aware of the fact that Bayern would take over the ball completely. This way, they carried out a well worked-out pressure on Bayern´s defense in order to slow down their enviable ball movement.

The Argentinian coach put Joao Félix behind Suárez to help Koke and Herrera on holding Bayern´s midfielders Kimmich and Goreztka. Moreover, Llorente and Carrasco marked Bayern´s full-backs to stop their runs. And it worked for several minutes. But Bayern always end up escaping and killing you. There is nothing else to do.

Bayer have a huge ability to get out fast on transition and make it to the opponent´s box with only three touches. They put all their players on the other half and steal the ball as soon as you get it back. That is how they got their first two goals.

Lethal effectiveness:

Atlético were alive until the 66th minute. Actually, they did not change their approach even being down 2-0 because it was working. They were putting things hard for Bayern, until Tolisso sent an astonishing missile. That put the game away and it just became a matter of knowing how much would Atlético pay.

A piece of art from Coman: 

The french winger scored a brace and finished his outstanding performance with a sensational goal. Müller sent him a great pass on a counterattack and Coman dribbled Felipe and took a perfect shot to beat Oblak. That is what Bayern is. An unbeatable roller. And Atlético, despite a decent performance, were never close to battle for the points. Nobody can stop this team. 


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