Second weekend of Bundesliga football. If there is something clear about the return of the competition is that every team is facing these last eight games as a mini-season where there is no time to get used to the new football, there is no error margin: if you are able to overcome your matches you might end up on top spots. On the other hand, if you do not come back right on time, failure is assured. This way, Borussia Dortmund was about to face a tough rival and they could not afford to miss on this one right before hosting Bayern Munich next Tuesday. Wolfsburg is having a good season and so they numbers tell, right now on European spots. All in all, it was the typical game where you rather win or loose a title in the long run. Show was about to start.

Dortmund took control of the ball from the first minute, but Wolfsburg were well compacted on the field constantly running from one side to the other in order to close up space, which they did right most of the time. Due to this, Haaland´s squad was uncomfortable on the pitch, unable to progress on the opposite half. Both teams showed their intentions right away, but the meet was about to become a chess game that would be decided by small details.

Dortmund went in for ¨cooking¨ the game, trying to wear out their opponent through their fast ball movement, until they managed to score the first goal half an hour passed the game. Outstanding team play from the right side between Brandt, Hakimi and Hazard that Guerreiro finished from the goal line to put the visiting team ahead. Approaches got broken, now Wolfsburg needed to take the lead and could not wait behind anymore, but at the same time, they had difficulties to step forward.

Second half started off with the most clear chance for Wolfsburg. Forward Weghorst assisted to the other forward Ginczek on defenders back, and the german shot upwards. It is unlike to have a better opportunity to score, but ¨The Wolves¨ returned from the locker room more intense as they were forced to do so due to Dortmund´s 0-1 lead.

Wolfsburg were desperately looking for the equalizer while Dortmund reorganized themselves backwards waiting for a counterattack. Coach Favre knew it, and Sancho went in in order to shake up Wolfsburg´s defense again. Game was between the equalizer or the second for Dortmund, and that is what happened. Sancho drove it on a fast counterattack and he gave the second goal to Hakimi, who crossed a perfect shot to kill the match. Game over, Dortmund are already awaiting to take on Bayern next Tuesday in the battle for the tittle.


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