It was Bayern´s turn after knowing that Dortmund had already done their homework and now they were only one point behind on the table. Therefore, Hansi Flick´s team was forced to get the victory. On the other side, Eintracht Frankfurt are not having a great year: 13th position and only 5 points above the relegation Play Off spot. A priori, this would be an easy one for Bayern, but you never know in football.

As it was expected, Bayern took the lead since the first minute. Meanwhile Frankfurt was praying backwards for not too many things to happen, but the problem is that too many things happened during the game. Also, as it has been usual throughout the season, Canadian left back Daves was the most active player from the start. He made a good run from his side, which ended up on a shot from forward Lewandowski that hit the crossbar. Next, French right back Pavard missed a header right in front of Frankfurt´s keeper Trapp. At the same time, Eintracht were more and more frightened as Bayern were bombing the box. Goal was just a matter of time, and it effectively came fast. Müller got to the end line from the left, sent a good cross to the penalty spot, and Goretzka took the shot to score the first one.

Bayern relaxed and decreased their rhythm for several minutes as they were awared of the fact that they could get their second whenever they wanted to. Eintracht, completely harmless, would not be an obstacle for Bayern. Müller scored the second one right before the break after shooting a good cross by Daves from the left. The job for Bayern was basically done.

The gap got bigger in the first play from the second half. Coman crossed it from the right and Lewandowski headed it into the net, as he could not miss his date with the goal. Bayern had the whole second half to manage their efforts towards Tuesday´s battle against Dortmund. However, Eintracht scored their first one thanks to a header by central defender Hinteregger from a corner kick. But that did not stop there, as he sent another header into the net right away, also from a corner. 2 goals in 2 minutes, game on, but only for like 5 more minutes. Certainly my saying at the beginning of ¨you never know in football¨ made sense for a while.

Daves was the man to put some calm back to Bayern. He scored the fourth thanks to a gift (and a great assist) by Eintracht´s player Fernandes. Now the game was definitely over as Bayern did not want to  have any other scares and so they slept it off. There was still time for a Hat Trick for Hinteregger, except for the fact that this third one was an own goal. No doubt this guy will never forget this game: 5-2. Bayern will travel to Dortmund next Tuesday looking to increase the distance with Borussia. They keep it for now. 


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