Der Klassiken, the most expected match at the moment, was meant to be crucial on the race for the Bundesliga title on an empty Signal Iduna Park, but with millions following the game from the screen. Both teams had won their two games after the forced break, so Bayern started the match four points above their rival, Borussia Dortmund. Today´s meet could potentially decide the tittle in case Bayern got the win, or bring on the battle if Dortmund managed to finish it only one point behind. The best possible match in Germany would dictate sentence.

The duel began very intense, with Dortmund dominating the ball while Bayern chased shadows. The team coached by Favre played the ball well form behind and accomplished to take it to the middle, where Brandt was in charge of connecting with Hakimi on the right and Haaland on top. Meanwhile, Bayern tried to get into the game on a better start for Dortmund, which were forced to win if they wanted to keep their chances of overcoming Bayern on the table.

Little by little, Bayern got rid of the initial domain and started to progress on the other half. Coman was the man who created the first couple of clear chances for his team from the right side. Now it was Dortmund the ones who were waiting backwards looking for a counterattack. Bavarian team ended first half bombarding Dortmund´s box, and they finally scored their goal only a few minutes away from the break. Kimmich stole the ball right outside the box, he saw that keeper Burki was slightly ahead of the goal line, and he took a great shot above him to put the first one on the scoreboard. It was a tough knock for Borussia.

Dortmund came back looking to attack more as they could not afford to loose this game, so they entered Sancho on the wing in order to put some more work to Bayern´s defense. Despite Dortmund´s tries, Bayern´s high pressure without the ball made the yellow team to be constantly unable to create any danger. It actually seemed that the second goal was closer than the equalizer.

Only way Dortmund could tie it up was on a lonely play by Haaland, and he had the chance to pull it off, but defender Boateng intercepted his shot from the ground with his elbow, which the VAR, incomprehensibly, did not consider it enough to call the penalty. If that was not bad enough for Dortmund, Haaland had to leave the pitch after that as he got injured, and American forward Reyna substituted him. Dortmund was not only loosing their final chances to chase the title, but they had also lost their starting forward for the next games.

With more heart than head, Dortmund ended the game on Bayern´s box looking desperately for the equalizer that could keep them alive on the league race, but neither of their attempts found the net. Bayern increase their advantage to seven points with seven games left. They are already on verge of the Bundesliga title.


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