Xabi Alonso is making history with Bayer Leverkusen, with 28 wins and four draws in 32 games, a phenomenal record for a team that is often a springboard for talented players to move to other clubs such as Bayern or other European giants.

Last November, Jürgen Klopp informed Liverpool of his intentions to leave the club and, yesterday morning, Bayern announced that Tuchel will not continue to be their manager next season. Where will Xabi Alonso go?

According to Fabrizio Romano, both the Bavarian and English entities are interested in acquiring the services of the manager born in Tolosa, as he is still in contention for a more than historical treble with the club of the aspirin.

Xabi Alonso played for both clubs, but he is more of a legend for Liverpool and played longer in Anfield, which leads most people to believe that his bond to ‘The Reds’ is stronger.

When it comes to the playstyles of his Leverkusen and both of the suitors, his current system more closely resembles that of the German giant. Xabi Alonso usually lines up with three center-backs to control the match through possession, as his team knows very clearly when to press and how to suffer without the ball to counterattack.

This means that they adapt very well to different match scenarios, but the key factor resides in the speed of their offense, not in the speed of ball circulation, but in the amount of passes that Leverkusen need to hurt their opponent in a stationary setting.

Alonso’s Bayer 04 is very slow on the ball, holding it up for a long time for their more talented players, like Wirtz, Grimaldo, Frimpong or Boniface. In this facet of the game, they still resemble Bayern Munich the most, as Liverpool are sharper on the ball. Klopp’s team is always looking for very vertical passes and skipping the midfield to take advantage of the speed of their attackers.

The team based in Munich has also used lineups with three center-backs similar to the ones presented by the squad managed by Alonso. in the meantime, Liverpool frequently line up in a 4-3-3 formation as their roster is configured to suit this formation. They would need to sign central defenders and change the roles of players like Alexander-Arnold or Salah if Xabi Alonso was to join them.

Aside from all the similarities with the Bavarian side, Xabi is also very settled in the German lifestyle and a transfer to Bayern would not force him to move or change how he lives as drastically as a return to England would.

All of the facts listed above make him continuing his path in the Bundesliga (a league that he already knows as a manager) as the coach of Bayern Munich the most likely outcome.

Translated by Nuño Alonso.

Main image: @bayer04_es.

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