Barça meet again with the win on an outstanding performance by Koeman´s team. the victory in Turin allows the squad to get some confidence back after going through their first negative run of the season. Moreover, Barça get some distance from Juventus and strengthen the first spot of the group stage. There was not a better day to banish the doubts. 

Brilliant offensive performance by Barça: 

Koeman went out with a very offensive midfield. Dembélé returned from an injury, scored the first goal and was one of the reasons for Barça´s high level. The French, who made runs constantly from the right, dribbled several times and dragged defenders out of their positions, which created gaps for his teammates. Messi and Griezmann exchanged the `Fake 9´role and Pedri was once again very active. The full-backs also provided the team with depth offensively. However, Barça wasted multiple scoring chances and kept Juevntus alive until the end.

Doubtful defensive midfield:  

If there is an area on the pitch that does not really convince at Barça is the defensive midfield. De Jong has not shown his best level yet and he is expected to perform better, but Pjanic is more worrying, as he did not look too focus in the first half and that made him to loose multiple balls in his half that could have been expensive. Busquets came in after the break due to Araujo´s injury made the team to be more secured. De Jong had to play as a central defender the whole second half.

Morata´s offside Hat-Trick: 

The VAR disallowed three goals to Morata as he was offside in all of them. Apart from these three actions, Juve couldn´t manage to create too much danger mostly due to Dembéle and Pedri´s defensive help to their full-backs. Dybala barely touched the ball and neither Chiesa or Kulusevski made right choices in the last pass.

Barça get back to the winning track:

Barça´s win allows them to get fresh air after a negative run in LaLiga and create a distance from a direct rival for the first spot. The challenge for Koeman is clear: Barça must find the way to perform at this level regularly and make this happen for more games in a row. 


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