The Latest!!!! Adrian Wojnarowski has reported that the NBA Playoffs will resume on Friday.

No doubt what we witnessed last night was historical within the American sports. Milwaukee Bucks players boycotted Game 5 of their playoff series against the Orlando Magic, as they did not show up. Orlando´s franchise supported that protest and the meet was called off. Two other games would have been play last night as well, but that did not happen: Rockets vs Thunder and Lakers vs Trail Blazers, but all the players agreed to boycott, so the NBA have rescheduled all of them. 

On the other hand, the WNBA did not have any games either , and we saw a very shocking image: Washington Mystics players, the current champions, wore a a T-Shirt with seven bullet holes on their backs. The same ones Jacob Blake received a few days ago, the last victim of brutal violence by American police.

Twitter @WashMystics.

Five MLS games and the MLB Milwaukee Brewers vs Cincinnatti Reds did not take place either.

According to Shams Charania, NBA insider, players met last night in order to debate about what to do with the rest of the season. Both LA franchises (the Lakers and the Clippers) are the only ones that want to end the season as it stands now, and Lebron James left the meeting very mad. 

It is a very uptight moment in American sports leagues, where racism protests take place more and more often, as police violence keeps happening.


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