Leo Messi’s contract with PSG expires this summer and so he has recently been linked to to FC Barcelona. There are several members from the board of directors who have already admitted that there are contacts going on with the Argentinian star. Xavi himself confirmed that on a press conference and vice president Rafa Yuste said the same and went further on a possible return of Messi to Barcelona: “Beautiful stories in life must have a happy end”.

It is clear that Messi’s two seasons at PSG have not been good. He has won the Ligue 1 and a Frenchman Super Cup, and has scored 29 goals and given 31 assists in 67 games.

Those numbers are not bad at all for a player who is 35 years old, and whose main goal and thought was to win the Qatar World Cup. However, he is being booed by the home crowd after the World Cup, and most of the fans also blame him for PSG’s Champions League knockout, which has resulted in constant reports on a ‘divorce’ between the club and the player.

Despite all of this, the intention from Nasser Al-Khelaïfi and PSG owners is to extend his contract for one more season, even though he would have to get a big pay cut, according to Frenchman newspaper L’Équipe. According to several media, there is even a chance Messi signs for Inter Miami after that year, continue his career in the United States and be the ambassador of the next World Cup.

It is currently hard to believe that Barça can sign him due to both the financial and institutional struggle they are going through, as Messi earns 40 million euros annually. In fact, LaLiga’s President Javier Tebas said in the winter transfer market that the club would be unable to sign up some players and that likely they will not be able to sign any new additions next summer.

We must also remind you that the way Messi left the club of his life was not the right one and that his relationship with President Laporta seemed to be broken up to this point. However, it is true that Leo never wanted to leave. And precisely, this is the aspect that makes us think that anything is possible.

Barça fans hope to see him enjoying with their jersey one more time and to get his best level back so their team can battle for European titles again and can end with their drought from the last seasons.

In addition, another person who might be patiently waiting for him might actually be Javier Tebas, as the return of Messi to FC Barcelona would result in a great financial boost to the league and so the attraction of international spotlights whose interest in LaLiga faded away when Messi left.

However, not everything are advantages, as Barça have finally been able to build a new and exciting program in the long term led by Xavi with players with huge growth ahead of them.

To let Messi return would result in adapting the entire program to him, and he is a player about to turn 36 and whose performing level is decreasing.

Messi and FC Barcelona’s relationship is kind of toxic, but the love they have for each other was, is and will be everlasting.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: @FCBarcelona_es.

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