Cristiano Ronaldo has signed for Al-Nassr from the Saudi Arabian league after cutting his contract with Manchester United. This step in his career means to leave the football elite after being a second unit player for both his club and national team key games recently. He has signed until 2025 with a 200 million euros anual salary. Putting away his ego might have not been easy, but assuming his age and performing is the first step.

The ego that one day boosted him to be a voracious scorer that was able to win everything, now has dragged him to the football failure. He ended up on a loop of substitutions and poor numbers for not admitting the moment of his career.

This is a tough blow that really shows up at the Qatar World Cup, as he was not a starter with his national team and then finished the tournament with a painful knockout against Morocco. Seeing Messi lifting the cup with his country wouldn’t help at all.

He made the choice to take on a new challenge that no one had requested him to after going through his best momentum at Real Madrid and lifting three Champions League titles in a row. His ego did not help him at all in making that decision. Juventus signed him and asked him to bring back the Champions League trophy, which he was unable to accomplish. Then the situation at Turin kept getting worse and Cristiano asked to be transferred. His trajectory in Italy was poor, apart from some national championships.

Second parts never worked out:

Several teams closed their doors to Ronaldo already at that time, but Manchester United stepped up on him despite not having the need offensively and they ended up betting on the return of the player that made himself a name at Manchester. Then United hired Ten Hag in his second season at the club and the coach decided to leave Cristiano on the bench in order to earn positive outcomes.

The reason for Cristiano not being a starter anymore is basically based on the low intensity from the Portuguese on the ball pressing, which is a key aspect of the Dutchman’s playing style. This turned into a new transfer request in order to play the Champions League, his favorite competition. However, the market reality check was clear and many clubs rejected him.

At the age of 37, his role has changed a lot, as he keeps being a great finisher but can’t add anything at all to his team without the ball anymore. This is a tough but needed step on his career.

At Saudi Arabia he will have the opportunity to increase his scoring numbers and maybe ending his career on a better way than finishing on the Premier League benches.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: @ManUtd.

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