Antonio Rüdiger is constantly being on the news in the last few months. Thanks to the coaching from Tuchel, the German central defender has gone from being on the bench to becoming one of the most valued defenders in the market.

His contract expires in June and it looks like extending it is not an option anymore. Clubs such as Real Madrid, PSG, FC Barcelona and Juventus have shown interest in him. However, only those that are willing to accept his high salary demands will access the bid to sign him.

The reason for these requirements can be seen in every game: Antonio Rüdiger is a guarantee both in his main job and offensively as well. The German has the ability to play the ball from backwards, drive it and is also capable of joining the attack from the second line in order to use his powerful long distance shot.

The elimination of Chelsea in the Champions League opens up the reflection period for Antonio Rüdiger. At the age of 29, he is probably ahead of his last big contract in his career.

We are talking about a solid central defender both in the air and in land, effective in tackles and aggressive in the mark. The options are on the table and, based on his performing in the last couple of seasons, whoever signs him will certainly improve his defense.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: Twitter @ToniRuediger.

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