Spain have survived and have made it to the round of 16 in the EURO. To be more exact, they have avoided what would have been a tragedy after completing a poor group stage performing, as they have not even been able to finish top with Sweden, Poland and Slovakia. I respect those who want to believe in this team and I am the first one who is rooting for them, but I think that there has to be reasons to believe in something, and I just do not see them in this case.

Luis Enrique´s squad have played three average games against second level national teams or even last in the case of Slovakia, and just a 5-0 win against this one has secured our stay in the EURO. Three very similar games where Spain have taken over the ball without knowing what to do with it, without creating danger, practicing a handball playing style, not being to make a last pass, struggling to score, and with no defensive guarantees. All in all, nothing to believe in.

I understand that Rafael van der Vaart comments on Spain can bother us, as they come from the frustration that must produce being on all the pictures from Iniesta´s goal that gave us a World Cup and took it away from the Netherlands, but he is totally right with what he has said: Spain are a flat team without the required last touch to score, and I think that everyone can see that. I just hope that this disrespectful statement motivates the Spanish looker-room.

How far can Spain get?

And now what? It is very simple, the Spanish squad feel relieved. We will more than likely keep showing the exact same playing struggles, but the truth is that the real EURO phase starts now. Luis Enrique and his players were required to make it through the group stage and, in the end, they have pulled that off.

I do not think that no one will demand them to make it far, because we are not better than any of the opponents that we will face from now on and I believe that we are ready to fall at any moment. Let´s see what happens.

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