Relegation is the biggest afraid for a modest team, since it is always a threat every season except for a surprise. The sport failure involves many parts and so everyone tries his best to avoid it. In fact, sometimes that fear leads to make decisions that no one thought that would ever be made —as the case of Cádiz—. It is just the survival instinct. And Mallorca have been the last club to join this situation.

The team from the Balearic Islands experienced a comfortable first quarter into the season just as their other two partners that went up last year. However, the vertigo has always been around.

The inexperience of the squad in the first division, the toughness of the games, the psychological hit from the negative dynamics and the physical wear; all these factors added to the tension that arises after the winter transfer market makes the second part of the season such a calvary.

At least a misfortune happens, Rayo Vallecano have an enough margin to secure their presence in LaLiga for next year —even though their results in 2022 are very worrying—; and, on the other hand, Espanyol have proved their efficiency to pick up some wins that can provide them with certain stability.

However, and despite his characteristic daring and attractive playing style, the Mallorca coached by Luis García have lacked of a big quantity of points and showed too much irregularity. They certainly exhibit some weakness in their moral aspect. The accumulation of defeats and the doubts in their performing have depleted the excellent start of the team; as I said before, as a consequence of inexperience.

Now they resort to an innate group manager with nine games pending as they are in a limit situation and have fallen into the relegation area for the first time this season. Javier Aguirre, who is a famous and charismatic coach in LaLiga, as a big challenge ahead of him. Yes indeed, it is not an unfamiliar one for him.

Not a long time ago Leganés signed him in order to bounce back from an even more delicate moment. It is true that they ended up going down, but the Mexican was very close to pull it off and changed radically the aspect of that team.

This is the fact people are positive about in the Balearic Islands. In the end, the stay right now is a matter of just a point. Of course there are certain risks on a replacement in the bench at this time of the season; but this is the right call. Aguirre is the right person to provide them with what they are asking for and need at Son Moix.

Mallorca are following the same path as the rest of their rivals. Some of them seem to have made the right decision and others not so much. There are still some intense fixtures left and spots to be defined. The unknown and pressure are two key aspects to take into account.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: Twitter @RCD_Mallorca.

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