Xavi’s Barça is a program in the long term, there is no doubt for that. Despite the multiple critics that he has received so far and the big quantity of money invested in this program, Barça fans must be patient. These new Barça is very young and unexperienced, based on players with very few games played in the football elite, which makes them to need a leader on the field who can guide them in those situations where the team loses the course. And this description connects perfectly with the name of Leo Messi.

Taking into account this fact, the signing of the Argentinian is almost a requirement for Barça. President Joan Laporta and his board of directors have the chance to bring back home the best player of all times, fixing his story with the club, and giving Xavi the right player to top off his program.

Obviously, Messi’s role would not be the same compared to when he left. Messi would not be anymore that winger that would go to the middle to build that play that he would then finish, but instead his main task would be to focus more on the creation of the action and providing his teammates with the last pass that they sometimes struggle too much with in order to put the games away for their opponents.

The age fact gets now too obsolete after this season, as Messi has proven to still be at great shape. In a dead PSG squad collectively that rely on the individual talent from their stars, the seven-times Golden Ball has scored 20 goals and given 19 assists in 37 games, which makes a total of 39 goal contributions in 37 games.

For those who say that his career is over, the fact that he only has five less goal contributions than his teammate Kylian Mbappé, considered as the best player in the world currently by many people, should not feel too good, but that is just the reality.

Rejecting the signing of Leo should be considered an antonym of common sense for FC Barcelona, no matter which perspective you look it from. From the financial point of view, he would join as a free agent after finishing his contract with Paris Saint-Germain, he would accept a salary in line with Barça’s current economic context and he would bring a lot of money from sponsorships.

From the sporting point of view, Messi is a born leader, a quality that he already proved with his country at the Qatar World Cup and so he would provide with that game vision and experience that Barça have recently lacked of so many times.

Last but not least, from the emotional point of view, the best player in history and the club where he arose would now close a circle that should have never been disturbed.

Main image: @FCBarcelona

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