Franck Kessié has gone from being questioned to become a very reliable solution for Xavi, as he has now found both the perfect system and position for the Ivorian midfielder. He barely had playing minutes at first when he joined FC Barcelona and, whenever he was on the field, he was asked to play a more defensive role that made him to feel lost and uncomfortable.

However, Xavi’s change on his system in the last few months to this new 4-4-2 draw with De Jong and Busquets as the main midfielders allows Kessié to play the interior once again and enjoy the offensive contribution that he showed back in Milan, when he scored 14 goals in the 20/21 campaign.

Franck Kessié, a ‘total midfielder’:

Kessié has proven to be a committed player that has put in a lot of work in the midfield and has also been able to adapt himself to different game contexts as the season has passed by, even though some part of the crowd wanted him to leave back in the winter transfer market when several rumors linked him to Inter Milan.

He is a very complete midfielder that has been able to score three goals and also give three assists in the 26 games he has played so far this season. In addition to that, yesterday he scored the winner against Real Madrid at the last minute in order to establish Barça on top of the table, 12 points above ‘The Whites’.

“I am very happy it has been incredible to experience this moment. It is a very important goal for me”, he said to Barça TV after the final whistle. This really proves that now he has earned a solid role in this team and enjoys of a great momentum at FC Barcelona.

As a result, he might be the happiest midfielder on earth today and a very appreciated player at the Spotify Camp Nou Stadium after having scored that crucial goal.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: @FCBarcelona_es.

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