A poor sporting management, signings that do not seem to work out and unmet needs in their roster are the ingredients to the formula that RC Celta have used in order begin their season in such a disastrous way. On top of that, the Galician team has been on the losing side of some questionable calls from the referees, resulting in the little to no points they have managed to rack up so far.

After falling to FC Barcelona in a 3-2 defeat at Estadio Olímpico Lluís Companys (a match in which Larsen and the recently signed Douvikas scored for the team), the sky blues have only managed four out of 18 possible points at this stage in the season. The sensations are not good either, as despite playing a good game, the team is not capable of closing out matches. In addition, Celta are still clearly dependent on Aspas, who is now 36 years old.

Celta are in trouble:

One of the most worrying aspects is the situation of their midfield. It is really easy to beat the Galician side in duels that take place in that region, as they play with just two midfielders.

Aside from not signing a replacement for Gabri Veiga, forcing Iago Aspas to play a much bigger role in playmaking and reducing his impact in finishing duties, Tapia‘s refusal to re-sign has forced the club to drastically decrease his minutes, a detrimental loss to the creative center of the team out of Vigo.

Their forward line cannot also be relied upon as a result of the grotesque amount of missed chances. Larsen brings a lot to the club’s performance and has scored two LaLiga goals so far, but he wastes too many clear opportunities to score. Additionally, ‘O Rei das Bateas’ has not managed to send the ball to the back of the net once this season.

Lastly, Douvikas is a complete mystery, as he has yet to spend 90 minutes on the pitch and the very limited playing time he has got has been off the bench.

Rafa Benítez has a lot of work to do if he wants to reconduct the team from the course they are taking. The Spaniard may have a lacking roster that has also suffered important injuries like that of Carles Pérez, but he needs to find winning ways in order to prevent RC Celta’s 100th anniversary from being remembered negatively.

Translated by Nuño Alonso.

Main image: @RCCelta.

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