Atlético de Madrid have become a winning club in the last minutes of the game, as that is the way they won many of their matches last season, which gave them the title, and now is what is allowing them to stay alive in all the competitions after a poor start in their playing.

The team that never stops believing, as that is the motto both within the players and the fans, have paid tribute to their faith philosophy and survive in all their games until the final whistle with way more courage and heart than football. That is the way it has been game by game, like the big teams in this sport.

The team of Cholo Simeone, the creator of a solid belonging feeling between his people above the game itself, leaves its destiny to the epic in the final minutes in order to overcome a better rival or even a poor start into the game and then complete comebacks that seemed impossible. This season they have already earned up to seven points in the last 15 minutes of LaLiga matches.

But it is not just about last-minute goals, as there have been other crucial wins in the last few months that took place through penalty misses by their opponents that changed the direction of LaLiga, such as against Alavés and Elche last season. Furthermore, Atlético have completed a comeback in 10 games in LaLiga between the 20/21 and the start of the 21/22 campaigns, which has given them 24 points in 2021, according to Atlético Stats.

They key victory in Milan towards making it through the round of 16 was about a new faith exercise that began with a radical offensive change where Simeone put all his attacking players on the field. Then Griezmann reappeared in the most important day and Suárez ended with his cruise on not scoring away in the Champions League for the last six years plus making that with a penalty and in the exact goal of the fateful 2016 shootout.

Games are passing by with Cholo trying to figure out how to fit in all his players and which system to use in order to find some stability. Meanwhile, and aware of the fact that the start of the season is being tough, he is appealing to the fight and epic as a way to battle for the tiles in the long run. For now, the team is dribbling the future in extra time.

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